5 Best Video Calling Apps 2021

5 Best Video Calling Apps 2021
It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that video calling services have become an essential part of our lives in the last year and a half. From school, to work, to catching up with friends, the video call life has become… well, life.

On the surface, all video calling apps do the same thing, but they weren’t all created equal. We’ve broken it down and picked our top 5 video calling apps of 2021.

Zoom – The most popular right now. The video conferencing app went from being relatively unknown outside the business world to the becoming the default in the last year. This is partially due to the 100 user per call feature that is free to use, which is extremely useful in business and education, despite only having a 40 minute limit per call. However there’s no time limit on calls between 2 people.

Zoom didn’t expect its sudden rise to fame before the international health crysis. It was assumed that most people would use popular apps like Microsoft’s Skype or apple’s FaceTime, but the specific features that zoom offers are better in the current landscape.

You can share your screen and record the calls for on-demand playback. All 100 participants can be on one screen with the app’s tiled view as well, making it convenient for business meetings and virtual classrooms.

Skype – The grandpa on the list. Skype has been the go-to video calling app for decades and although its been overshadowed by zoom’s recent success, it’s still one of the best options. It’s available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, making it easy to get and easy to use for most people. It seamlessly works with the Microsoft office 365 suite of apps, making it convenient for business.

The new “Meet now” feature allows video calls for up to 50 people for 4 hours. There’s a daily limit of 10 hours and a monthly limit of 100 hours for these calls but no time limit for one-on-one meetings. Like Zoom, screen sharing and recording are both available.

Google Meet – If you use the Google suite of apps in your business or classroom, Google Meet might be right up your alley. You need a Google account to access the app, and connection with Google productivity apps like Sheets, Docs and Drive is built in. Its available on all platforms and also accessible from your gmail page .Video meetings can be scheduled in Google calendar.

The maximum users per call is 100, with a just one hour time limit. Screen sharing is on deck while recordings are only available on the desktop version.

Meet is replacing Google’s original chat feature, Hangouts, which had its own video calling feature. This move comes in response to the popularity of Zoom, as Google looks to increase its share in the video calling market.

5 Best Video Calling Apps 2021

Microsoft Teams –  While Skype is a good option with its “meet now” feature, it was originally designed for personal use. Enter Teams, Microsoft’s hat in the corporate virtual meeting ring. It’s made for the Office ecosystem, integrating with the 365 suite of apps like as well, but unlike Skype it’s designed for business.

The free version of the app includes chat, voice and video calls, with Microsoft tripling the limit from 100 users to 300 during the health crysis. Time limits have been adjusted too, with both one-on-one and multi user calls extended to 24 hours, up from 1 hour. Screen sharing and recording are also included.

Facebook Messenger–  Despite the Facebook-owned app being made for casual use, Messenger has been streamlined into a high quality communication app over the years. You don’t even need an active Facebook account to use it.

The Messenger Rooms feature allows up to 50 users per call. It can be accessed on both mobile and desktop and can be joined via links, just like all the previously mentioned apps. These rooms can be locked to uninvited users, but are not encrypted unlike the one-on-one calls.

Its clear that Facebook wanted a piece of the freshly baked video calling pie during the health crysis, adding this group friendly feature to its already popular app.


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