Car dashboard camera Novatek T616 – hands-on review

Car dashboard camera Novatek T616 – hands-on review

Novatek T616 dashboard camera is a decent, really cheap car DVR camera, ideal for people who want to use a car camera for a really small price.

First impression for Novatek T616 shows us it’s made of cheap plastic, buttons are pretty low quality from my point of view and it has the classic camera design, similar to a compact photo camera. Display is 3″ wide and the suction support where we mount the camera doesn’t look very stable so that sometimes we can have issues fast-mounting the dashboard camera, although the camera has a light weight.

On the left side of the camera we can find the navigation buttons, menu and the SD memory card slot while on the right side of the camera we have the following buttons: OK, button to open content from SD card, on/off button and the button to lock deleting content. On the upper side we can find following ports: 1xmini-USB, 1xAV and 1xHDMI. On the lower side of the camera we only have the microphone and hard reset slot/button.

Car dashboard camera Novatek T616 – hands-on review

Novatek T616 car camera is fullHD (1080P – 30fps), filming angle is 140° using ultra wide lens. Screen size is 3″ wide having a LCD TFT display. Video quality is decent both day and night time, maximum quality is fullHD (1080P) and the image quality is maximum 3MP.

Novatek T616 DVR camera has the following features:

  • Loop recording (1, 3 or 5 minutes); this options splits the recordings depending on the maximum number of minutes we have selected, so that if the memory card will be full (which will happen), the oldest recordings will be deleted gradually, being replaced with the new recordings; this option can be disabled;
  • White balance mode;
  • EV;
  • Motion detection;
  • Audio;
  • Parking wake;
  • G Sensor;
  • Self turn off;

The battery can be charged in around an hour but it is depleted really fast therefore we recommend using it connected to the car cigarette lighter while using it. It starts/stops depending on the engine state. Video quality is decent both night and daytime, I can’t say it is trully fullHD but it reaches its goal. Car license plates can be seen pretty difficult from distance, even during the day but from close proximity it’s ok, after all this is the main purpose, to see the license plates from close proximity in case of accident.

Below we can find a video sample using Novatek T616 dashboard cam during the day:

Car dashboard camera Novatek T616 – hands-on review

Novatek T616 DVR car camera is one of the best low-cost car cameras, video quality is decent and we can find some options which are mandatory for any useful car camera, such as motion detection, G sensor, loop recording or parking wake. Considering the realy low price for T616, this is one of the best low-cost cameras and we highly recommend it if we want a very cheap camera to acquire its basic functions. Novatek T616 costs around 20-25$.

What is your opinion regarding Novatek T616 dashboard camera? If you have used it, what are the best/worst points you can mention?


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