Chromecast 2 – how to use and play video on TV

Chromecast 2 – how to use and play video on TV
At first sight, Chromecast 2 can only show videos played in Google Chrome, YouTube or other streaming sites, this device can do much more than this. From our point of view, Chromecast 2 is much more practical than a TV Box and we will show below why we consider this.

Chromecast 2 can cast YouTube videos without having the caster’s screen open. Usually, when we play YouTube videos, we need our device screen to be always open (except when we are using a YouTube Premium subscription). With Chromecast 2 we can can cast videos from smartphone on the TV, without having the phone screen open. We just need to play and enjoy.

Chromecast 2 doesn’t need wires and cables (power or network cables). Although it is shipped with a 5V and 1A transformer, Chromecast device can be powered from the TV. Almost all TV sets which have an HDMI port has also an USB port, so we can power the device from TV’s USB port. Furthermore, we can use a 10-15cm cable. The device is powered via a microUSB port and the network connection is done via wireless.

We can cast movies from a PC/laptop directly to the TV
Even if using its basic functions we can’t cast it directly from BSPlayer or VLCPlayer, using a Google Chrome plugin (VLC/Chromecast from Chrome extensions) we can cast any movie using original maximum resolution. If we are trying to cast from a VOD site such as HBO GO, Netflix or other similar video content site, casting is even easier. Another important aspect is that we can cast content directly from our smartphone via Netflix or HBO GO. All we need to do is make sure the TV is using the same wifi network as the smartphone.

How to install Google Chromecast 2?
Chromecast 2 installation is done very easy, we need only Google Home app from Play Store and a Google account. Once configured, Chromecast 2 will connect automatically to the network.

Chromecast 2 – how to use and play video on TV
If you used Google Chromecast 2, what is your opinion about it and what are the pros and cons from your point of view. Also, if you have any problems, please leave a comment below and we will try to support.


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