Digi (RCS – RDS) will launch Romania’s first 4k TV channel – Digi 4k

Digi (RCS – RDS) will launch Romania’s first 4k TV channel – Digi 4k

Digi received a license for a 4k tv channel from CNA (Romania’s audiovisual authority), this will be the first 4k (UltraHD) channel in Romania which will also broadcast in Central Europe and South-East Europe.

The channel Digi 4k will broadcast documentaries, movies, football matches, the channel being a generalist television channel. Digi 4k will be launched somewhere around 8th-9th November but I personally have doubts about this time period, because it’s a short time since they applied for the TV license.

Digi 4k will be available as a pay tv channel (we will update this article with information regarding the price) and will target Digi’s subscribers who own 4k TVs. The channel will broadcast sport, live broadcasts, music, documentaries and movies.

The schedule for Digi 4k would be as follows:

  • Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 10:00 – music videos;
  • Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 20:00 – sport, movies and documentaries;
  • Monday to Sunday 20:00 – 00:00 – prime time – sport, movies and documentaries;
  • Monday to Sunday 00:00 – 08:00 – resumptions;

Although most of Digi’s subscribers don’t own 4k TV boxes (I personally think they don’t even have fullHD, as a majority) I think there will be the following benefits for the Romanian Digi company:

  • a very prolific marketing campaign, because Digi will be the first company in Romania to own a 4k tv channel; they will definitely benefit of media praise;
  • Digi 4k will be available in pay tv format, which means they will cover a part of their investment directly from customers paying for this channel, even if the price will be cheap;
  • possibility of selling 4k TV boxes to the subscribers, having Digi 4k will be easier for the customers to agree on buying a 4k TV, knowing they can watch a 4k channel on this kind of TV – RCS – RDS (Digi) already has an ongoing campaign where they offer fullHD TVs on 2 year small installments (10 RONs (~2 euros)/month);

Digi 4k was announced as a one year project, depending on the succes of this channel Digi officials will decide if they will continue with Digi 4k or not. Although their succes with other Digi channels (Digi Sport, Digi Life, Digi Animal World, Digi World, etc.) is obvious let’s not forget about the astounding failure regarding 10 TV channel, a channel which absorbed a large amount of money.

Needless to say, this channel can be viewed in ultraHD quality only by customers who own a 4k TV, subscribers who own an HD or fullHD device will not be able to watch Digi 4k in ultraHD quality.

License was acquired for satellite broadcast but it can be used also for cable retransmission. So, most probably the channel will be available on both satellite and cable tv.

RCS – RDS will distribute to their customers CI+ 4k cards in order to be able to view Digi 4k, but they will not offer 4k receivers.

Digi 4k is a good way for Digi to make a few steps ahead of the other Romanian providers and even media companies, we’ll see if they receive a reply from the other providers (especially from Telekom and UPC).

We will update this article when we will have information about the exact date when Digi 4k will be launched and regarding its price.


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