Error reset Epson printer – Ink pad is at the end of its service life


Error reset Epson printer – Ink pad is at the end of its service life

Error reset Epson printer – Ink pad is at the end of its service life – Epson CISS printers work very well but, as any other printer, they have their supplies which need to be changed. One very common error on Epson printer is the ink pad error. This error occurs when the printer reached its maximum printable pages according to manufacturer. Even if we receive this error, we can still use the ink pads. Even so, we recommend you change them if you have this option.

Ink pad is at the end of its service life – this is the error we get when the ink pads are at the end of their service life, as specified by the error. How to delete/remove error Ink pad is at the end of its service life?

To remove this error we need a software named WIC Reset. The software is free but the key needed to remove the error isn’t. In this article we will discuss regarding another software which is completely free and doesn’t need a paid key to remove error, but this software works only on printers Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, L365.

Here is the procedure we need to follow to reset the ink pad counter:

  1. Download software from here;
  2. Unarchive the content in a folder and run Adjprog.exe;
  3. We will have a window opened where we need to push Select;
  4. Select printer model at Model name and select Ok;
  5. Push the button Particular adjustment mode;
  6. Select from the list Waste ink pad counter and press Ok;
  7. Press Check to test connection with printer and to read the current value of the counter;
  8. Check Main pad counter and press Initialize, press Ok on the pop-up window;
  9. Restart the printer;
  10. After the printer restarted, the counter should be reset.

CISS printers are printers with ink tanks which are recharged from bottles and do not require buying cartridges like you need to do for most printers. CISS printers are very efficient and the cost for each printed page is very low. For any questions or issues you encounter regarding this error, please leave a comment and we will try to assist.


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  1. Hello, I wanna ask what to do if the reset Epson Adjustment Program Resetter doesn’t working? I already download the program and follow the steps but when I initialize it doesn’t working there’s a pop up its says “Communication error”. I hope you help me. Thank you.

      • I have the same problem, I can’t even check the current counter value, the message shown is “Communication error! Error Code: 20000010”

        I clicked on Get Status, this shows “Communication error occurred.
        Check the I/F cable connection and power of printer.”

        if it also about the drivers how do I reinstall them?