Facebook discontinues old interface in September

Facebook discontinues old interface in September
Facebook launched a new interface gradually available to users starting with May 2020 and after a few months it announces discontinuing the classic interface.

Therefore, starting September users will not be able to have the classic interface anymore according to notes already shown by Facebook as follows:

Classic Facebook si going away soon

We’ve made improvements to the new Facebook.com and we’re excited to have everyone experience the new look. Before we make the classic Facebook unavailable in September, we’ll hope you’ll let us know how we can continue to make Facebook better for everyone. 

Experience the new Facebook.com

  • Find things easily with a cleaner look and bigger text
  • Catch up quickly with faster loading times
  • Turn on dark mode to give your eyes a break

So, Facebook’s classic interface will no longer be available starting September and if we select Settings on the classic interface we will have to switch to the new design (this may not happen yet to all the users, but gradually only to some, just as the new design was launched).

Facebook discontinues old interface in September

Selecting Next on the window we have, we will have to choose one of the Facebook mods, Light or Dark and starting that moment we will use the new interface. However, we will be able to switch back to the classic interface if we want to. At least, until September.

Biggest advantage of the new Facebook interface is Dark mode, very useful during the night as it relaxes the eyes, eliminating the contrast and high brightness we usually have.

This new design is a big change made by Facebook, in the past we experienced smaller design changes or additional features, however this completely changes the interface we were used with.

The new Facebook design is cleaner, whiter and allows us to configure Dark Mode.
Did you already test the new Facebook interface? If yes, what are the pros and cons you discovered until now? Leave a comment below.


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