How to flash TWRP recovery on Lenovo TAB 2 (TB2-30F)


To flash TWRP recovery on Lenovo TAB 2 (TB2-30F) you have to follow a few steps. With TWRP recovery you can backup and restore completely all the data from the tablet, and you can install more system apps like SuperSU and Gapps.

These are the steps that you need to follow to flash the TWRP recovery on the Lenovo Tab 2 tablet:

  1. Make sure you have a good cable because so the connection between PC and tablet is perfect;
  2. Download from here ADB and Fastboot (here are the drivers too);
  3. Unzip the zip archive and run with Administrator the apps from inside of the zip. To all the questions you must to press key Y to grant all the rights it needs;
  4. On the tablet, at settings, you must activate on the Developer Options the Bootloader Unlock and USB debugging;
  5. Power off completely the tablet;
  6. Press continuously the volume + and power key;
  7. When the screen on the tablet has started, release the power key and keep pressing the volume + key;
  8. We are in recovery menu on the tablet. In this menu we can navigate only with power and volume keys. The touchscreen does not work here;
  9. In recovery select “reboot to recovery” and press power key;
  10. The tablet will restart and will remain stuck on the Lenobo logo. This is fastboot;
  11. Connect the tablet on pc;
  12. Download from here, the TWRP image and copy it on folder adb from local disk C (installed on step 3);
  13. Run CMD with administrator and type cd C:\ to select the adb folder;
  14. In cmd type fastboot unlock-go and press enter;
  15. To run only once the TWRP recovery, type fastboot boot twrp-tb2-x30f.img;
  16. To flash the TWRP on the tablet, type on cmd fastboot flash recovery twrp-tb2-x30f.img;
  17. The tablet will reboot and the android will start;
  18. To acces the recovery TWRP, you must power off the tablet, press continuously volume + and power key. After the screen is on, release the power key and, after 4 seconds release the volume key too. Now you are in TWRP recovery menu.

flash TWRP recovery on Lenovo TAB 2

Caution! When you try to flash the TWRP recovery, you can brick completely the tablet. You do this on your own responsibility.

Here you have a tutorial with lineage OS for Lenovo Tab2


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  1. I am stuck in TWRP mode. Tablet reaches first Lenovo sign then Blank screen. I was in the middle of Install Lineage OS on Lenovo Tab 2 (TB2-X30F) I can’t do anything other than load the TWRP menu. I am no tech king, I just followed your steps and now I need your help pleaseeee

  2. There is no “Reboot to recovery”

    * Reboot system now
    * Reboot to bootloader
    * Apply update from ADB
    * apply update from external sdcard
    * apply update from internal sdcard
    * Wipe data/factory reset
    * Wipe cache partition
    * Mount system
    * View recovery logs
    * Power off

    • CMD is command prompt in Windows, it’s not a link, it’s a tool on any Windows operating system. Just type in Start – search – CMD or command prompt.

  3. It says that there is no such file in the directory. How do i solve this?
    P.S: I tried navigating to the adb folder itself and the twrp file and the file that im running on cmd have the same name

    • Unfortunately, I can’t offer you support regarding this as we don’t have this tablet anymore for further tests with other versions.

  4. hi i get this when try to install lineage Os on Lenovo Tab 2 (TB2-X30F) legacy property environment did not init successfully, properties may not be detected.