How can I find my own mobile number?

How can I find my own mobile number?

How can I find my own mobile number? – in this article I will describe the methods available to find our own mobile phone number in case we don’t know it.

The reasons for which we need to know what is our mobile number are diverse, for example if we have an inactive/disabled SIM card for which we don’t know the phone number, we don’t know on which name the SIM card is (in case of subscriptions) and we want to check it with customer service. Another reason ca be in case we have a prepay SIM card (a lot of countries allow operators to sell prepaid cards without an ID) and can be identified only by the mobile phone number or SIM card number. In other cases, we can have the SIM card cut in a mobile shop if we want a microSIM or a nanoSIM, therefore we will lose the SIM card series printed on the SIM.

Another reason for wanting to know our own mobile number is if we have a prepay SIM card and we want to re-charge (top up) it online, without knowing the mobile number we can’t top up our account.

Regardless of the mobile operator from which we have the prepaid card, the easiest way of finding our mobile number (I assume – and hope – everyone thought of this method, but still I want to write it down 🙂 ) is to call another number we have near us and just see the number.

Some mobile providers in some countries sell prepay SIM cards only if we have our ID and we agree them to keep our personal information. In this case, if we buy a prepay SIM card, we can just call customer service, send them our personal information and they will tell us what is our mobile number.

Depending on each mobile provider (world’s biggest mobile providers are Vodafone, Orange, AT&T, China Mobile Communication Corporation, Airtel, China Telecom, China Unicom, Reliance Jio, America Movil, Deutsche Telekom, MTN, VEON, Telenor, Verizon, Saudi Telecom, Telefonica, Sprint, etc.) we can choose one of the following methods to find which is our mobile number:

  • in case the prepay card has been bought with an ID, we can call the customer service department and we will receive the phone number (most probably they will ask for some personal information questions: ID number, date of birth, etc.);
  • for Android users, select in the phone menu Settings – About Phone / About Device – Status – Phone number – this method works only for some mobile providers which have allowed this information to be visible through their network, so it may not work on certain mobile operators; for example, I tested for Vodafone and Digi Romania and I do not have the phone number displayed;
  • for iPhone users, select Settings – Phone – My Number;
  • online account; a lot of mobile providers offer the possibility of creating an account online where we can manage several options (roaming, mobile data, video calls, etc.) including the possibility of seeing our mobile number, so this can also be an option; on the other side, some operators require the phone number to create the account, so this may not work everytime as long as we don’t know our mobile number;
  • USSD code; many providers have USSD (MMI) codes which we can interogate for free, so this may exist also for your mobile operator; if you’re not sure, please leave a comment mentioning the mobile provider and country and we will check if such a number exists for your provider;

In case you are having problems finding your mobile number, please leave a comment mentioning the mobile operator and country and we will try to assist.


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