How to add location on Facebook Story

How to add location on Facebook Story

How to add location on Facebook Story – In this article we will explain how you can easily add the location on your Facebook Story. We are writing this at our readers request considering some users did not manage to find this option.

On Android operating system, adding the location on a Facebook Story can be done by selecting options in the upper-right corner – Stickers – Location – we search for the location we want to add and select it. The same steps need to be followed if we are using an Apple device running iOS.

Here we also have the following options: Time, Temperature, Music, Event, Tag, Feeling, Donate, Poll, Question and Stickers.

Facebook Story was a new method for Facebook users to share their activities, a more visual and interesting way to share every adventure.

Facebook Story is basically another News Feed section but much more visual then the classic News Feed, this classic one being based on text. Facebook Story is based on the camera, the mobile device being the center of our stories, but we can also publish and edit images including from desktop (web). We can also edit videos to improve them.

A story can be shared with all of our friends, with a certaing group or even with a single person.
How to add location on Facebook Story

How much time is the Facebook Story visible?
A story can be seen for 24 hours after which it will disappear, just like Snapchat stories.

How to disable a user’s story?
To disable someone’s Facebook Story we need to select the story section, select that person’s story – options (…) – Mute. From that point forward we will not see that user’s stories.

If you have any question or you encounter an issue regarding Facebook Stories, please leave a comment below and we will try to assist.


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