How to create/cancel Netflix account?

How to create/cancel Netflix account?

Netflix is a VOD (video on demand) online service (for movies and TV series) which can be played on many operating systems, on smart TVs, smartphones, tablets or computers.

Cancel Netflix account. Netflix, just like HBO GO, offers the possibility of testing for free their services for 30 days, so we will need to start paying the subscription starting the second month, after the one month trial period.
Here are the steps which need to be done to deactivate the Netflix account after we used the free one month period.

  • First, we need to open using our browser or the Netflix app on the smart TV/smartphone;
  • We log on the online VOD platform so we can have access to our Netflix account;
  • On desktop, in the upper-right corner we click the smily face icon;
  • Click on Account;
  • In the upper-left corner, under Member & Billing we can find the option Cancel Membership;
  • Select Cancel membership and on the next page select Finish cancellation;

On the mobile app we need to open the Netflix app, logon and follow these steps in order to disable the Netflix account:

  • In the right side we select More/Options (the button with 3 dots);
  • A menu will open with the profile names for this account and a list of options; Here we select Account;
  • A page will be opened automatically in the default browser with the Netflix website; Here we will select Cancel Membership;
  • A new page will be opened where we will need to confirm to unsubscribe; We select Finish and a confirmation page will be opened, just as on the desktop platform;

In case you already paid the Netflix subscription for the current month, we will still be able to use Netflix until the end of the month, even if we cancel our Netflix membership.

How to create a Netflix account

To create a Netflix account we need to activate a membership plan. Even if the first month is free, Netflix does not permit the account creation without using a valid credit card or selecting another valid payment method. Selecting a payment method is mandatory in order to avoid creating a 1 month free account several times by the same person. Even if we type in the app our credit card number, Netflix will not withdraw money from our credit card during the first trial month.

To make sure we will not forget to disable the free one month account, we can perform the membership cancelation steps described above right after we create the account. We will be able to use the Netflix account for 30 days and at the end of this trial period the account will be disabled automatically.

How to create/cancel Netflix account?

To create a Netflix account we need to own an e-mail address and a credit card. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open;
  • Press the button Watch free for 30 days;
  • Select the desired membership plan; we can select from Basic, Standard and Premium; Best video quality is within Premium plan but it is also more expensive; If we intend to use only the trial month we should select Premium;
  • Select Continue followed by the e-mail address and password; this is the information which we will used to login the Netflix account;
  • Choose the payment method; We can choose between Google pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal;
  • Select Start membership pay after free month;

This is how we can create/cancel a Netflix account. For any problem please leave a comment.


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