How to disable flash during incoming calls

How to disable flash during incoming calls

How to disable flash during incoming calls – One feature which may be annoying for some people is flash enabled when receiving calls, in this article we will explain how to disable this option.

Many smartphones have an option to enable flash during incoming calls, in most cases this option is useless as most smartphones have LED notifications when receiving calls, SMS or e-mails and also we have the ringtone. Most of the times this option is enabled by mistake so here is how to disable it.

On most Android smartphones this option is hidden so you can’t access it stept by step from the menu, but what you can do is access Settings – on search box search for incoming call or directly search for flash – eventually you will find the option Flash when ringing which needs to be disabled. Some Android phones have this option in Settings – Accessibility – Hearing – Flash Notification but many do not have it visible in the settings and you just need to search it using search option, for example most Xiaomi phones do not have this option visible, two examples tested by us would be Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Xiaomi Redmi 3.

On most iPhones the flash notification can be useful as the phone doesn’t come with a LED notification as most Android smartphones do, so flash notification option can be useful for deaf people or hearing impaired. If you want to enable/disable flash notification on iPhones you need to access Settings – General – Accessibility – LED flash for alerts – enable/disable this option depending on your needs.

How to disable flash during incoming calls

Besides the flash alerts, on Android smartphones under incoming calls settings we have the following options which may be useful for us (options are self explanatory so I guess no additional details are needed from us):

  • Flip to silence ringer;
  • Quiet ringer when lifted;
  • Increasing ringtone volume;
  • Proximity sensor;
  • Mute first ring;

In conclusion, above you can see how to disable flash notifications for both Android or iOS users, the same steps need to be followed in order to enable this option, personally I think this option is useful only for people with hearing disorders.

Leave a comment in case you encounter issues enabling/disabling flash notifications or if you have other questions regarding this topic.


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  1. Tap the icon you normally use for calling. In the right upper corner there are two dots. Tap on those and enter Settings. The rest is a piece of cake. Must admit, lost my mind looking for it myself, too.

  2. My phone is Tecno Spark 5 Pro and if u want to disable Flash light on call, on your phone, click on call icon, at the upper right u will see settings icon, click on it after u will.see many things including Flash light call which is on, then u off it.

  3. I have techno spark 5 pro but I am unable to disable flashlight on incoming voice calls I followed all the instructions but no result

    • If you followed the instructions in the article above, it should be disabled.
      You can try a factory reset but it will delete all data saved on the phone.

    • Hi Umang,
      I do not have your phone model to be able to test it, however the menu should be more or less the same as mentioned on the article above. Did you follow the instructions mentioned on the article?