How to enable “Choose update package” option on MIUI 10?

How to enable “Choose update package” option on MIUI 10?

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers listed as one of the top companies. As any other important smartphone producer, Xiaomi has their own Android based operating system.

Xiaomi’s operating system is called MIUI and it is currently at their 10th version. MIUI is available in 2 major versions: Chinese and Global version. MIUI software updates are downloaded and installed automatically if the user allows it. But these updates can also be installed manually using an option available in MIUI 1-9. On MIUI 10 Xiaomi developers decided to hide this feature. Nobody knows for sure why this happened, the option name is “Choose update package” and we could find it in Update menu, if using maximum MIUI 9.x.

Here’s how we can enable “Choose update package” option on MIUI 10:

To enable this feature we have to access Menu – Settings – About Phone – System Update – here we can see the MIUI version installed. In our case, we have here the logo for MIUI 10. If we select Options, we can see we don’t have the option “Choose update package”. To enable it, we go back to the previous menu and we tap 10 times on the MIUI 10 logo. We will receive a prompt message “Additional update features are on” and now, when selecting Options, we can see “Choose update package”.

It is recommended that the manual update only by experienced users and that battery level should be above 60%. In case the update is interrupted and the operating system can’t be downloaded properly we have very big changes to brick the phone.

Xiaomi also produces Android One based smartphones. These phones do not have a personalized operating system but a clean Android stock OS. Smartphones which are included in the Android One program need to periodically receive security software updates and major OS updates at least 2 years since the phone launch date. In my opinion, between MIUI and Android One I prefer Android One.

Another existing but hidden feature in the operating system is facial unlock. Most probably this feature is under development, in this moment it is available ony for India and Singapore regions (feature available only on certain models). To enable this option we can configure in the menu one of the 2 regions as a workaround so we can use the facial unlock feature.

In case you encounter problems please leave a comment and we will try to help you. We are not responsible for any kind of problems encountered during the OS installation on any smartphone.

Above you can find a step by step video tutorial to enable the “Choose update package” option on MIUI 10.


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