How to enable roaming on a Vodafone, eir or Three SIM card

How to enable roaming on a Vodafone, eir or Three SIM card
The roaming service is useful when we travel abroad Ireland and we want to use the same SIM card and the same number as if we are in the country. In order to do that, we must enable roaming on our Vodafone, eir or Three SIM card and below we will explain in detail how we can do it.

How to enable roaming on a Vodafone SIM card (prepay or subscription plan).
Vodafone is one of the biggest network operators in the world and luckily, for a Vodafone Ireland SIM card we don’t have to manually enable roaming or manually select a network operator, it just works automatically.

Very important to know that in the European countries the roaming use is free, we can use our mobile plan or prepay SIM card as if we would use it in Ireland. Sounds great, right?

If we want to use the Vodafone SIM card in roaming outside the EU countries, we can choose the roaming options from Vodafone, RED Roaming, the best roaming option offered by Vodafone, which starts from just 2.99€ (leave a comment if you want more details regarding this option, how to enable RED Roaming, how to disable RED Roaming, any other additional info).

While using Roaming we can use both 3G and 4G networks but we have to keep in mind that not all the countries in the world have a 3G/4G network, so it depends also of the mobile network’s coverage in the area we are using the mobile.

For any problem regarding the Vodafone Roaming service (signal problems, mobile data connectivity problems, etc.) we can call the Vodafone technical customer service line +35312038232.

How to enable roaming on an eir SIM card (prepay or subscription plan).
For the eir customers, the roaming service is enabled automatically since April 2013. So, we don’t have to do anything in advance of leaving Ireland. If you have a SIM card older than April 2013 than you must contact the eir customer service department (you can also chat online with an agent) and request them to enable the roaming service on your number.

Also, for eir roaming you don’t have to do anything when you arrive in a different country, you can directly use your mobile phone as if you’re in Ireland.

For eir network, according to the UE regulations (although not all the network operators agreed to this), you can use the same mobile plan as in your “native” country.

How to enable roaming on a Three (3) SIM card (prepay or subscription plan).
Not all Three mobile SIM cards have the roaming service activated by default, so in order to check if we have roaming on our SIM card, we can either contact the Three customer service or create an online accound on the official Three website (My3 platform). If the roaming service is not enabled, we have the following methods of enabling roaming:

  1. Calling 1913. We can call from Ireland the number 1913 and request them to enable the roaming service.
  2. My3. We can create an online account on the My3 online platform, check if we have a full roaming profile on our SIM card, an if not, enable roaming ourselves following these steps:

Login to My3 – My Account – Access Settings – International Roaming

Also, they have an user friendly section on the website where we can see the costs we have depending on the country where we want to use the SIM card.

Important! To make sure they have enough time to enable roaming on our SIM card, we have to contact Three with at least 48 hours before leaving country.

Normally, the network should be selected automatically in the countries where Three has a partner, otherwise we can manually search for the networks and select each available network, one of them should do it for us.

No matter what is our mobile network operator, it is important to know that when we are away in another country, when we call a number from Ireland or from another country than the one we are in, we must dial the number using the country dialing code. For example, if we are in Scotland and we want to call a number in Ireland, we have to dial 0035 before a phone number. Otherwise, if we don’t dial the country code, we will dial a number from the country we are in (in our example, Scotland).

It is better to make sure we have the roaming service enabled before leaving Ireland because some options are not available to enable while outside the country, or it is harder to enable then while being at home. So, make sure everything is set in order to have a holiday / business trip without worries.

If you need any other info regarding the voice and data mobile roaming for Ireland network operators or for any other problem (signal problems, data connectivity problems, cost issues, and any other question) leave a comment and we will try to help you.


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