How to extend smartphone memory using a card?


How to extend smartphone memory using a card?

Low memory problem became a very common problem on our Android smartphones and not only. One of the most frequent question asked is “how to extend smartphone memory using a memory card?”. 4-8GBs of memory are not enough anymore considering 3-4GBs are already used by the operating system (Android). If we also installed 2-3 apps, the memory is full and can’t be used for anything else.

Transfering on the external memory card (an option available on Android 4.3 devices or newer) do not help very much (we can transfer only the link to the app and the root files remain on the internal memory). Besides, moving on the SD card is not possible for all apps.

There is though a method to extend the smartphone internal memory using an SD card. To do so, we need the following:

  • an Android smartphone;
  • it’s mandatory to have the smartphone rooted;
  • an SD memory card (preferably larger than 1GB);
  • a card reader (we need this to connect the memory card to a computer because using a data cable it may not be possible);
  • free¬†MiniTool Partition Wizard software;

How to extend smartphone memory using a card?

First, we need to do a copy of all the files on the SD card because at some point we will need to format it. Here are the steps to successfully extend the smartphone’s internal memory:

  1. First we need to plug the SD card into the card reader and format it. You may also try this using the phone’s cable but this way it may not work;
  2. Download and install the free tool MiniTool Partition Wizard, after this finished open the software;
  3. After opening the software, select the SD card;
  4. After you are sure you have selected the SD card (you can be sure considering its capacity) right-click and delete;
  5. Now we must create a new card partition. For this, press right-click and select Create New;Screenshot_2015-05-04-01-14-18
  6. Select FAT32 (this partition will be the memory where you can copy your data; considering this we recommend setting it as big as possible but reserve space also for the partition where the apps will be moved);
  7. Select Primary;
  8. Now we follow the same procedure to create the second partition; Right-click – Create new – select ext2 – select Primary;
  9. On the MiniTool Partition Wizard software press Apply (upper-left corner);
  10. Wait for all the settings to be completed and insert the SD memory card in your smartphone;
  11. Install on your phone the Link2SD app which can be found for free in Play Store (Google Play);
  12. When opening the app, it will require root access, make sure you allow this access;
  13. The app will request the partition type (ext2, ext3, fat32, etc.), in our case we select ext2;
  14. If the operation was succesful, the app will prompt a message to inform you a partition mount script was created followed by the request to restart the phone;
  15. After the phone will restart, open again the app – select settings and select the app autolink option;
  16. To move an app you must select the app and select create link, we check all options and select ok. We use the same method for all apps;

How to extend smartphone memory using a card?

It is important to select the apps we installed, not the ones preinstalled (bloatware) which came with the phone.


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