How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu/Linux without command line

How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu/Linux without command line
As we all know, Google Chrome is one of the world’s most famous web-browsers. It is popular for its speed, security and different powerful features. Google chrome is not an open source, that means if we try to install google chrome from Ubuntu Software Center directly, we will not be able to find the original one there. Most probably we will come across chromium which is an open project similar to google Chrome.

If you are new to Ubuntu or Linux, and are not familiar with terminal and command lines, but want to install google chrome without using terminal, don’t worry in this article we will cover the installation of google chrome on ubuntu steps by steps along with screenshots to make every step clear.

So, now the question is how we can install google chrome on our Ubuntu without using any commands and terminal? Let us cover each step of installation.

We will install Google Chrome in 3 steps; here we go!

Step 1:

Go the official website of Google Chrome and click on download button.
Click on the download button and select the version that is available for Ubuntu.

How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu/Linux without command line

Step 2:

Once you accept the installation, it will ask you to specify the path and then the download will start. This will take a few minutes to finish the download. Once the download completes, you can open the folder where you had downloaded the file.

Double click on the file and it should open in Ubuntu Software.

Click on the install button.

It will ask for the password, once you enter the password, the installation of Google chrome will start and within a few minutes it will install chrome successfully.

Step 3:

Once the installation has finished successfully, you can open the google chrome. To open chrome, go to the main menu and search for google chrome.

Click on the chrome icon and it will open.


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