How to install / hard reset TV Box X96 Mini

How to install / hard reset TV Box X96 Mini
X96 Mini 4k is a mini PC, one of the most sold TV boxes in countries all around the world. The product we will review in this article is not the best but also not the worst.

This TV box usually comes from the seller with some apps already installed, such as Netflix, Kodi, Youtube and other, so this is a plus for us as we don’t have to waste time installing these apps ourselves. In this article we will offer some details regarding design and performance.

Design TV Box X96 Mini. This device is small, actually it’s the smallest TV box we tested until now. It’s 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm, having 1.7 cm height. It weighs 150g and compared with a Xiaomi TV box, it’s much smaller (even if the Xiaomi device has higher quality materials).

The device has a square shape, it’s made from an opaque plastic and its margins are shiny (also plastic, though). The ports are placed on 2 sides of the device so we can have some cable management.

The device is shipped with an HDMI cable, 5V charger, a remote control and the user guide. Unfortunately, this device needs a 5V and 2A power source, which is probably the reason why it couldn’t charge from my TV’s USB device (just as I did with a Google Chromecast).

Connectivity. On 2 sides of the device we have the following: charger port, ethernet port, HDMI, AV, IR, USB port and TF.

How to install / hard reset TV Box X96 Mini
Internet connectivity can be done using an ethernet cable or through the wireless network which we have to configure on the menu.

The X96 Mini TV box we tested was powered by an ARM chipset (quad-core), 1GB RAM and it had 8GB internal memory which can be extended using a microSD card. It runs Android 7.1.2 and it has Netflix, Kodi, Youtube, Facebook, etc. pre-installed. In case we want to install a new app, we can use Android Play, just as we do on any other Android device. It has a very easy to use menu.

X96 series models can be sold on following variants:

  • X96 Mini 4k 1GB RAM – 8GB storage – Android 7.1
  • X96 Mini 4k 2GB RAM – 16GB storage – Android 7.1
  • X96 Mini 4k 2GB RAM – 16GB storage – Android 8.1
  • X96 Mini 4k 2GB RAM – 16GB storage – Android 9.0
  • X96 Air 8k 2GB RAM – 16GB storage – Android 9.0
  • X96 Max Plus Amlogic S905X3 4GB RAM DDR4 – 32GB storage – Android 9.0

Hard reset and factory reset TV Box X96 Mini
Factory reset can be done following these steps: Settings – Storage & reset – Factory data reset – Factory data reset – Erase everything.

If we want to perform a hard reset, we need to remove the power cable and using a toothpick we will have to press for a few seconds the button inside the IR port, while we connect again the power cable. We will have a recovery menu and using the remote control, we select Wipe data / factory reset – Yes. We wait for a few moments and then select wipe cache partition – Yes. Finally, we will select Reboot now.

Important! We recommend a hard reset of this device ONLY IF we can’t access the Android OS anymore.

X96 Mini remote control
The remote control is very easy to use, having standard buttons. It has player related buttons (play, pause, forward, etc.) but also video, app, web buttons.

TV Box X96 Mini price
The price of this device is pretty cheap, somewhere between 30-60$, depending on the online shop from where we order it.


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