How to permanently delete WhatsApp messages and conversations?

How to permanently delete WhatsApp messages and conversations?

The WhatsApp conversations can be deleted by holding a message and selecting “Delete”. But deleting the conversations from the app isn’t enough to permanently delete it. The conversations can be easily recovered. All we need to do is to reinstall the app and it will ask us if we want to restore the backup, and if we do, we will have again the deleted conversations. The backup contains the conversations from the last few days. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on our situation) the backups can be saved in 2 places: on the Google account or in local files.

To delete permanently the WhatsApp conversations from the Google Drive account we have to follow these steps:

  1. Deleting the conversations from the app. It’s useless to delete the backups if the conversations aren’t deleted. WhatsApp will generate again a backup to the discussion list.
  2. Deleting the backups from the phone. To do this, we must acces our phone’s File Management (internal memory) and we search for the WhatsApp folder. Here we will have a subfolder named Backups. All the items from this folder must be deleted. Remember, when you will do this, you can say goodbye to the conversations.
  3. Deleting the conversations from the Google account. For this, we must access Google Drive from a computer ( Here we will have our storage from where we will delete all the backups (the backups will be here only if we accepted this when installing the app).

To disable the automatic backup option we have to go to Settings icon – Settings – Chats – Chat backup – Back up to Google Drive – Never

If you followed correctly the steps above, then you should have deleted the WhatsApp conversations for good. Remember, you will not be able to recover the conversations after following these steps.

How to delete a message sent to someone on WhatsApp?

If we want to delete a message which we sent to someone on WhatsApp (before he manages to see it, or even after) we must push on the message that we want to delete, select the Delete icon – Delete for everyone. After the message was deleted, it will be replace with the message “You deleted this message”. We can do this only in the first 7 minutes after sending the message, after that we will not be able to delete the message for the receiver, only for us.

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  1. Alex,
    I wonted to know that how can we delete all the old chats we have deleted from the whatsapp and what to do to delete all the Backups from our device. Please tell ASAP.

    • Hi Rose,
      I specified on the article above what you can do to permanently delete WhatsApp conversations, I suggest reading it.

  2. Alex, but they say some 3rd party apps can recover all data even whatsapp : for example
    fonedoge on android.
    Is this possible for 3rd party app to retrieve whatsapp messages ?

    • Hi John,
      Most of these app say they will recover lost data, however only from the point you install that certain app because those are actually backup apps.
      So, if you install it today, you will be able to recover data starting today, but not older data.

  3. Hi,can someone recover deleted whatsapp messages without any backups through third parties apps?
    And you said these messages should be deleted from internal memory, so i wanna know could they be saved somewhere on sd card too?

    • Hi Shab,
      As far as I know, they can’t recover messages without backups.
      Also, I don’t think backups can be saved on the internal SD card directly from the app.

  4. Please help is it possible to backup my chats with the help of cyber/law /police after deleting it form my whatsap and there is no backup of Google or whatsap on

    • I don’t know for sure, providers should have access to the internet traffic but not to WhatsApp content as long as it’s encrypted. I guess only WhatsApp staff could have access to it.

  5. Hi Alex

    Once i delete the whatsapp backupp and also disconnect the google drive backupp.. still its possible for agencies and/or law / or anyone to ever retrieve my messages ?? Is there anyway through which i can permanently delete the messages that it cant everrr be retrieved by anyone ever?? As its crucial amd related to my relationship and it can act against us.. please help

    • Hi Karia,
      If the backup is disabled for the phone and Google Drive, then no one should be able to retrieve those messages.

    • What about the Individual message? If i want to permanently Delete only one chat
      Is making backup after deleting the chat will delete it from the backup or not? I mean the new backup without this chat will over the old backup?

  6. I have an ongoing case against my ex partner over threats he made toward me even though I have the evidence he’s phone has been seized but he has recently deleted his Watsap account and changed his number and re installed using his new number will they (the police) be able to retrieve the messages he sent or is there no way that will be possible now

  7. Assalam o Alaikum
    Please help me
    How i recover my whatsapp chat.? I have deleted permanently from internal storage of my phone…

  8. Hi Alex
    I have cleared all messages and chats from wts app. I have not added any backup to wts app now. Is there any chance of getting back my messages and chats? One person is threatening me that he can pull all my data within 15 days. All chats and messages. Im worried now. Can u tell me if he can pull the data.

    • Hi Priya,
      If you don’t have any backups for WhatsApp, not even on Google account then conversations should be permanently deleted.

  9. Please how can I permanently delete whatsapp messages I sent to someone after 2days??
    The person is using our Private chats against me