How to search apps on MIUI

How to search apps on MIUI

How to search apps on MIUI – Xiaomi’s operating system, MIUI, is an operating system used by Xiaomi on almost all of their phones (except the ones from A series which have Android One).

MIUI is a pretty optimized operating system with a nice design, unfortunately it had a big minus from my point of view, the lack of an option to search apps. Looking for an app may be time consuming and having a search option removes this trouble.

Recently, Huawei managed to find a solution to this issue. The feature is called App Drawer and you can find it in Settings – Home screen – again Home screen – Here we enable With app drawer.

If we can’t find this option in the menu, it means the phone did not receive yet a recent update from Xiaomi. However, this option can be made visible by manually installing the launcher’s apk on MIUI.

Here is what you need to do if you can’t find the App drawer option on the menu:

  1. Download from here the launcher’s apk from Xiaomi;
  2. Copy the apk on the phone’s internal memory;
  3. On your phone’s settings enable the option to allow installing apk from untrusted sources;
  4. Install the apk you just downloaded;
  5. Reboot the phone;
  6. Check again Settings – Home screen – again Home screen – now you should have the App drawer option;

How to search apps on MIUI

After you enable this feature, you need to slide up for this menu to open. Here you will have the new menu containing all apps where you can quickly and easily search for an app.

From my point of view this is a feature which should’ve been implement for some time by Xiaomi. Maybe Xiaomi initially wanted to have an operating system like iOS, reason why you couldn’t search for an app. However, even on iOS this option is available for some time.

In case you encounter issues enabling App Drawer options on Xiaomi’s MIUI, leave a comment below stating what are the steps you have tried.


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