How to setup only face/fingerprint unlock?


How to setup only face/fingerprint unlock?

Why do we have to use a PIN/screen model to unlock screen if we already have set face or fingerprint unlock method?

Many users are asking why do we have to enter PIN/screen unlock model on Android based smartphones if the device is already configured to unlock using face or fingerprint method?

It seems that Android operating system requests by default the PIN/screen unlock model after 72 hours since we last did it in case we used only face unlock or fingerprint. The reason for which this happens is security based. The time period to which this happens is not the same for all devices, in addition it seems for some users this doesn’t happen.

How to setup only face/fingerprint unlock?

Another security measure is asking for PIN code or screen model to unlock the screen when we reboot our device, but this feature is optional and it may backfire. Here’s why: if we lose our device and it’s found by someone else in a few hours, if that person has good intentions and wants to retrieve our device, he can’t use it to call someone from contacts or to answer the phone. If the PIN needed to unlock the device is not applied correctly, the device will not connect to the mobile network.

One some devices the unlock code/screen model would be prompted for different time interval (not 72 hourse on all devices) for another reason. This would happen when System UI would restart in the background and Android OS knows it needs to ask for the unlock code when System UI starts.

How to setup only face/fingerprint unlock?

Unfortunately, this security measure (PIN code or screen model) can’t be removed as it is part of the OS, no matter how annoying this may be for some users.

For any issues you encounter with your device or with the PIN code/screen model, please leave a comment below and we will try to provide support. Also, you can share with us your opinion on Android OS and any thoughts about it.


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