IMDB Freedive – new online free streaming service

IMDB Freedive – new online free streaming service

IMDB launches new free video streaming service available in US. The company owned by Amazon, IMDB, a review site for movies and TV series, launches a free streaming service available in US names Freedive.

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is the biggest website for movies and TV series reviews, news regarding latest cinema productions and other useful information from the cinema world. If we want to find real and useful movie reviews we can trust IMDB.

IMDB was bought in 1999 by, the biggest e-commerce company owned by american antrepreneur Jeff Bezos, world’s richest man in 2017. IMDB Freedive – new online free streaming service

Freedive is a free online streaming service which will be sustained by ad breaks. In this way, Freedive will remain a free service for its users.

For the moment Freedive is available only in US but we hope we will be able to use it also in Europe. If we want to view movies or TV shows on Freedive from outside US, we can use a VPN or Proxy service so Freedive will see us as being connected from the US. Other streaming platforms do not allow access from VPN but it’s not the case with Freedive, as tested by us, it works.

Freedive is integrated in IMDB so that if we are searching for a movie review on IMDB and that movie is available on Freedive, we will have the option „Watch for free” which will help us to view for free video content for that movie/TV series. If we try to access Freedive from outside US without using VPN/Proxy connected to the US, we will see the following message: “IMDb Freedive is only available to customers in the U.S. at this time.”.

IMDB Freedive – new online free streaming service

On Freedive we can watch quality movies and TV series but not the latest productions such as “Memento, Foxcatcher, Drive, Big Fish, Fringe, Heroes, Quantum Leap”, it’s not a lot of available content but we hope we will see in near future more movies and TV series. We have sections available such as „Hits of the ‘80s”, „Sci-Fi”, „Chills and Thrills”, and „Movies for the Whole Family”.

IMDB’s online free streaming platform named Freedive is welcomed mostly because it is free unlike Netflix or HBO GO but it’s main disadvantage represent ad breaks. We will see how often are these breaks.


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