Install Android stock on Xiaomi A1 and A2 smartphones

Install Android stock on Xiaomi A1 and A2 smartphones

Smartphones Xiaomi A1, Xiaomi A2 and Xiaomi A2 Lite are part of the Android One program. This program means phone manufacturers need to provide software updates for 2 years. Therefore, Android One smartphones will receive updates for at least 2 years, latest updates not only for the operating system but also security updates.

Although these look like good news, nobody is perfect and neither are developers at Xiaomi. Sometimes, when doing an update we receive errors or update is not successful. It is recommended that for every major Android update to reset the phone. For these problems or for any software problem, we can solve these issues by reinstalling firmware. Xiaomi offers for almost every model a stock firmware which can be downloaded from their official site. But what is the procedure to install Android stock firmware on Xiaomi A1 and Xiaomi A2 smartphones?

Important! This procedure for reinstalling software on Xiaomi A1, Xiaomi A2 and Xiaomi A2 Lite will permanently delete all data on our device. This is why, before going ahead with the install procedure, we should backup our data.

Procedure to install Android stock on Xiaomi A1 and A2 smartphones

In order to be able to reinstall Android stock on Xiaomi A1 and Xiaomi A2 it is mandatory to unlock bootloader. This operation will delete user data on our device (in theory). In practice, we can unlock bootloader without needing to have all our data deleted.

The steps to install Android stock on Xiaomi A1 and Xiaomi A2 smartphones are as follows:

  1. Follow the steps from this article to Unlock bootloader on Xiaomi A1 and Xiaomi A2 smartphones;
  2. After unlocking bootloader, we access again fastboot; for this, we turn off the phone, hold pressed key Volume Down and we connect the data cable between the phone and PC;
  3. Download from the official Xiaomi website the stock firmware for our model; You can find the list here; After downloading the file, we unarchive it;
  4. Download from here MI flash tools;
  5. Unarchive the archive and install as administrator the MI flash tools app (this needs net framework);
  6. Open MI flash tools and press the Select button from the app; we will choose the folder containing the firmware previously downloaded;
  7. Lower-right we check clean all; Press flash and installing the firmware should take a few minutes;
  8. After the firmware is installed, the phone will restart;

After firmware is installed we recommend locking bootloader by executing in the console the command fastboot oem lock (see the tutorial at step 1).

Following this procedure you will not lose warranty and you will continue receiving updates from your smartphone manufacturer;

Installing stock firmware is done on your own responsability. We are not responsible for potential problems which may occur during the installation.
For any problem, please leave a comment below and we will try to assist you.


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