Laptop brightness not working

Laptop brightness not working

Laptop brightness not working – this is one of the most common issues users encounter with laptops, causes can be multiple but most of the cases the issue was solved by re-installing drivers.

The laptop brightness problem can occur because of bad drivers, power settings in Windows, laptop’s display, etc. If you have this problem after installing Windows, most probably the video driver is incomplete (Windows drivers are standard) or it was not installed. To fix the brightness issue we recommend installing drivers from producers site, having latest updates, for each laptop model.

Laptop brightness not working problem can also be caused by a physical issue with the laptop’s display. This usually happens when the laptop is very old or when it’s display has been replaced. To rule out any software issues, install the original drivers and in Control Panel – Power – select Best performances. After this is done select Start – Change brightness – now try to lower or increase brightness. If the brightness is still not working to be changed, the issue is most probably physical.

For physical issues, causes can be various, it can be because of the band which connects the display to the motherboard, it can be because of the LEDs used for screen brightness or others. To be sure the issue is related to the components, you can try reinstalling Windows. If the laptop is still under warranty, you can send it to be checked, otherwise you can check this issue in a computer service shop.

Another issue which was brought to our attention by users is the yellow-ish light of the monitor. Windows 10 offered a new feature which changes the display settings. This feature is called Night Light. Many users complained about the yellow brightness light but it was because of this feature which was enabled by mistake or it was enabled automatically by Windows.

This problem is not common on certain laptop models, it can occur on any model such as Lenovo, Asus, Dell or others.

To conclude, 90% of the brightness problems are usually caused by misconfiguration or missing/bad drivers and were fixed using the information above without being needed to check the laptop in a computer service shop.

In case you are having issues finding or installing the driver from the manufacturer’s website, if you have this issue and can’t fix it or any brightness related problem, please leave a comment and we will try to assist fixing it.


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