Lycamobile – Info, internet settings and complaints


Lycamobile – Info, internet settings and complaints

Lycamobil – info, internet settings and complaints – in this article we will discuss about all these related to Lycamobile network as more and more people use this mobile operator.

Lycamobile is one of the best networks in case we want to use the SIM card in several countries or if we have people abroad and we want to have the best mobile plans. Lycamobile is the biggest mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and it operates in 22 countries such as Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.

Being a mobile virtual network operator means they do not have their own mobile network, but they are using the network of a partner in each country. This model is also used by Digi Spain and Digi Italy which compared with Digi Romania, they do not have their own network, but they use a partner’s network. For example, in UK Lycamobile uses O2s network to operate.

Lycamobile offers mobile pay-as-you-go SIM cards, similar to prepay cards, so in order to use their services you have to choose one of their bundles. Before choosing a bundle, you will receive a SIM card just as you do for any other mobile operator.

Lycamobile has different bundles, depending on the country from which we acquire the SIM card, as an example, here is a good international bundle we can choose in UK:

Lyca Globe (10 £) – choosing this bundle we have the following benefits:

  • 3000 international minutes – a list with the countries where we can use these minutes can be found on the Lycamobile UK website;
  • unlimited minutes to Lycamobile network;
  • unlimited texts to Lycamobile network;
  • roaming enabled on the SIM card;
  • this option is available 30 days;
  • to enable this bundle we need to dial *139*1011# and follow the instructions OR send a text message to 3535 with text 1011;

This is one of the variety of bundles we can choose in each country. Most of the bundles also have mobile data traffic included, so we can use both in our country and in roaming mobile data.

How to enable mobile data on Lycamobile SIM cards? How to configure internet settings on Lycamobile for mobile data?

Internet settings on Lycamobile SIM cards can be configured almost the same no matter the country from where we have the SIM card, for example for Android smartphones we need to follow these steps:

Settings – More – Mobile Networks – Access Point Names – New APN:

Name: Lycamobile
APN: data.lycamobile.xx (where xx represents the country code where we have the SIM card, for example for UK we have
Username: lmxx (where xx represents the country code where we have the SIM card, for example for UK we have lmuk)
Password: plus

We save the Lycamobile profile and we enable it. If we have enabled a bundle with mobile data traffic included, we just have to enable mobile data in our phone settings and internet should be working.

How can I make a complaint in case I encounter issues with my Lycamobile SIM card/service?

In case we encounter issues with Lycamobile services, we need to contact Lycamobile customer service, the contact number is different for each country, for example for UK we need to call +442071320322.

What is your opinion about Lycamobile? Did you encounter any problems? Don’t hesitate leaving a comment in case you need customer service mobile number for Lycamobile in your country, in case you have any issues or if you want additional information about Lycamobile.


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