Notifications not working on Xiaomi

Notifications not working on Xiaomi

Notifications not working on Xiaomi – One of the most common issues on Xiaomi smartphones are the notifications not working on some models, especially on the ones which got Android 10 update.

Android 10 came on Xiaomi smartphones with some issues and one of the most common issues is the problem regarding notifications while the screen is locked.

To have a specific example, on Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, on of Xiaomi’s best phones, notifications are not working when the screen is locked (except one case which we will explain below). The following checks were done:

  • Notifications Lock screen notificationsFormat: Show notification content; Open Notification shade on Lock screen is also enabled; In addition, all the apps have individually enabled lock screen notifications and allow using LED light options;
  • NotificationsNotification badges is enabled individually for each app;
  • NotificationsNotification shadeNotification style – here we selected MIUI but the problem is the same if we select Android; At Status bar we have enabled Show notification icon;
  • Ambient display & Lock screenWhen notifications come and the screen is off – We tested each one of the following options: Light up screen, Rhytm, Pulse and Starlight; The only mode which worked was Pulse (red light) but having some issues – although the red light notification is on, it blinks only when you receive the notification, not permanently until you open the lock screen. Also, even if the red light blinks, the screen is not turned on so you can see the notification;

Audio notifications are working, the issue being present only for LED notifications and turning on the screen. Floating notifications (icons which pop up on the status bar above) are working properly on Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.

Notifications not working on Xiaomi

According to complaints raised by other 9T Pro users this is a general issues caused by the last Android 10 update. Therefore, the only solution is to wait for a new software update which, hopefully, will fix this problem.

Another frequent problem mentioned by Xiaomi 9T Pro users is battery related, specifically after upgrading to Android 10 the battery is consumed faster then using the previous software version. In most of the cases, the issue for the battery being drained faster (sometimes draining the battery 30% faster) is the operating system, which normally shouldn’t happen, as the display is the biggest consumer.

The difference regarding battery consumption between Android 9 and Android 10 is for about 3 hours of utilization. Although it’s a common issue, it’s not general for all users.

If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone, did you have any of the issues described? Leave a comment below.


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