PC turns on but no signal on monitor

PC turns on but no signal on monitor

When the PC turns on but no signal on monitor is a common issue according to many complaints sent by users. This issue occurs frequently as many components of the PC can lead to losing signal on the monitor.

If you also have this problem, here is what you need to do. First, check if the on the PC case the hard drive LED is on. If it’s on, it means it gets past bios and it powers the storage units. This information may be useful later.

Second, you should also open the PC case and clean the dust off it and by this I mean removing the RAM components (especially its connectors), check also on the motherboard if there is any dust in the RAM slots. Remove the cooler and CPU, clean them with a soft piece of clothing/material and change the thermo conductive paste between the radiator and CPU. Do not re-install the CPU without the thermo conductive compound. Remove the power source and clean it, in case you can’t open it, use a vacuum cleaner. Same thing you should do also with the video card if it’s not non-removable.

PC turns on but no signal on monitor

Check on the motherboard if we have any swollen/burnt condenser. Mount all the components back in and try to turn on the PC. If all the operations above do not solve your issue, then we need to check each component one by one.

First, if we have more than one RAM drive we need to remove one by one and start the computer so we can see if one of them is faulty. If the monitor starts receiving signal, then we have identified the bad component. If the issue is the same, we need to check other components. Remove the video card (if it’s removable) and test with the inboard video card. If possible, try switching components with a friend/neighbour and change each component with them to see exactly which is the faulty component.

In order to avoid this kind of issues, we should perform a PC case cleanup at least once a year. Change the thermo conductive paste, clean the RAM drives connectors and also the video card ones. Check the coolers (both the one on the case and the power source one) to be sure they work properly. For any issues, we recommend checking the PC in a computer service shop.

Please leave a comment in case you encounter any other issues or if you need additional information.


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