Problems charging phone battery

Problems charging phone battery

Problems charging phone battery – One of the most frequent issues with both smartphones and classic phones are battery related problems. In this article we will describe some things we can try to fix these problems.

First of all, it’s important to know what we can to do maintain a good battery life for as long as possible, so here is some advice which we can apply:

  • Running apps on background – it’s recommended to allow running on background only the apps we really need, these apps can permanently run which can significantly reduce battery life and mobile data;
  • Using Dark Mode (if it exists), on OLED screens;
  • Allowing Auto brightness or reducing brightness to a reasonable level, if we permanently set brightness to the max, the battery life will be much lower; also, having a bright screen in low light environment / at night, can be bothering for our sight;
  • Disabling connectivity options if not used (wifi, bluetooth, GPS (location), even mobile data if we don’t always need access to the internet);
  • Partial charging is beneficial to Li-ion batteries, we don’t need to charge the phone over the night as the charge up to 100% is not recommended, we should charge it until max 80%;
  • If possible, avoid Quick Charge / Fast Charge especially by charging the phone over the night;
  • Avoid heating up the phone, especially when it’s charging; it’s recommended to avoid covering the phone when it’s charging, as it can heat up alot; also, it’s not recommended to use the phone while it’s charging, if we can’t turn it off while charging we should at least not use it;

What drains our battery the most?
If we ask ourselves what drains the battery the most, we should consider the following:

  • battery capacity – obviously, this is one of the most important things when we discuss about battery life; battery capacity is measured in mA, the higher the better;
  • screen – biggest battery drainer is (under normal conditions) the phone screen; it’s diagonal but also resolution, pixel density (ppi) and refresh rate (how many times the screen is refreshed during one second) affect battery life; also, brightness can seriously drain battery if it’s always set to the max; most high and middle-end phones have a dark mode which we can enable daily during a time interval (evening and night) so it will help drain less battery (on AMOLED screens this is not very helpful);
  • mobile data, wifi, bluetooth or GPS connections also have a high impact on battery life; it’s recommended to enable these functions only if we really need them; also, it’s good to know that low signal and frequent network search (or switching between networks) will lower battery level ;

Problems charging phone battery

If we have battery issues, meaning that it is drained very fast, battery level is incorrectly shown (for example, we have 30% battery level and it drops suddenly at 1%) or other battery related issues, it’s recommended to try the following operations:

  • if battery is drained much faster then it should, we should first check which are the top consumers; depending on the result, we can see if there is anything strange; for example, the screen and operating system should be the top battery drainers;
  • software update – it’s recommended to use the latest software version as we can receive updated to solve certain bugs, including battery related issues; therefore, we need to make sure we use the latest software version;
  • to exclude an issue related to the phone charges, we should test charging the phone with a different charger;
  • if the problem is not related to software or charger, we should consider changing the battery; it can be easily removed, usually also for non-removable batteries, depending on the model; if we can’t handle this, we can require support from a phone service and repair center (they can also place an order the battery);


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