Review TV BOX MXQ PRO 4K and how to hard reset/troubleshoot different problems

Review TV BOX MXQ PRO 4K and how to hard reset/troubleshoot different problems

If you have a non-smart TV device and you want more from it than a TV Box MXQ Pro 4K is the solution. We can do different things with this TV Box including playing files from an external drive, playing videos on YouTube or sharing smartphone’s screen on the TV, all these things can be easily done using the TV BOX MXQ Pro 4K.

First impresion

When I first saw the box I thought this is a professional device. The plastic is not low quality and it doesn’t seem like a cheap gadget. The box contains the TV box, an HDMI father-father cable, the power cable, the remote controller and the manual.

About the device

The device has 4 USB slots, 1 SD card slot, 2 auxiliary ports (SPDIF/AV), one HDMI port, one ethernet (RJ45) port and the power supply port.

From an architecture point of view, the device MXQ Pro 4k is smartly designed. The power and HDMI slots are placed on the rear end so they are not visible from the front side.

For cooling, the device has on the lower side an adapted case so it allows the motherboard to cool.

I had a small surprise when I saw the device was rooted.

Specifications for TV Box MXQ Pro 4K Android

  • Chipset: Amlogic S905 Quad Core Cortex-A53 at 2.0GHz
  • GPU: Penta-Core Mali-450 at 600MHz+
  • Storage: 8GB NAND FLASH
  • RAM: 1 GB, DDR3
  • Operating system: Android 6
  • 3D: Hardward 3D graphics acceleration
  • HDMI: HDMI 1.4b with CEC
  • AV: Support
  • Bluetooth: Not available
  • LAN: Ethernet:10/100M, standard RJ-45
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Supported formats: HD MPEG1/2/4, H.265, 4K-HD, HD AVC/VC- 1, RM/RMVB, Xvid/DivX3/4/5/6, RealVideo8/9/10
  • Media formats supported: Avi/Rm/Rmvb/Ts/Vob/Mkv/Mov/ISO/wmv/asf/flv/dat/mpg/mpeg
  • Audio formats supported: MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/OGG/AC3/DDP/TrueHD/DTS/DTS/HD/FLAC/APE
  • Image formats supported: HD JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/TIFF
  • USB: 4 High speed USB 2.0, supports U DISK and USB HDD
  • Card reader: SD/SDHC/MMC cards
  • HDD file system: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS
  • Subtitles supported: SRT/SMI/SUB/SSA/IDX+USB
  • High Definition video output: SD/HD max.1920×1080 pixel
  • Mouse/ Keyboard: USB mouse and keyboard are supported;
  • SPDIF/IEC958: Coaxial
  • Power supply: DC 5V/2A
  • Power LED: On: Blue, Standby:Red
  • Online apps: Skype chatting,Picasa,Youtube,Flicker,Facebook,Online movies,etc.

As a general opinion, the TV Box MXQ 4k is worth its money. Even if it has its problems, we can ignore them considering this device offers us important functions.

How to hard reset the TV Box MXQ Pro 4k?

  1. Disconnect the device from the power supply.
  2. Inside the AV slot insert a match or a thin stick until you find a small button, hold that button for a few seconds and connect the power supply. You must hold the button pressed until you can see the logo on the screen followed by a restart. After the restart, you can stop pressing the button.
  3. You will have a menu on the screen. Using a keyboard connected through USB, select wipe data/factory reset and press Tab.
  4. Select delete all user data and press Tab.
  5. Wait for the process to finish and then select reboot and press Tab.

How to share a smartphone screen on the TV using the TV Box MXQ Pro 4k?

Sharing the phone’s display on the TV can be done following these steps:

  1. Open on the TV Miracast app (it’s already installed).
  2. On the phone settings select Share (Mirror) Screen (if you can’t find this option, leave a commend mentioning what smartphone model you’re using and we’ll try to help you).

Note: In order to be able to share the phone’s screen, we must have both devices on the same internet network (for example, both connected on the same wireless network), if they are connected on different networks (for example the tv box on wireless and the phone on mobile data) it will not work.

Google Play Store does not open

In case Play Store does not open after you try to restart the device, we can try the following fix:

  • download on PC the right version of Play Store and Play Services, .apk (found on Be sure you get the right version;
  • Copy them to SD card or USB stick;
  • Remove updates for Play Store and Play Services on TV Box;
  • Install the .apk files from SD card or USB stick on TV Box.
  • Reboot the TV Box and retry.
    Thank you Harry for this info;

In case you are having problems with the TV Box MXQ Pro 4k or you want additional information, please leave a comment containing as many details as possible.

Update 22.10.2020: If we have connectivity problems with this device and we have orange light instead of blue light, we should also check if the device date is correct, if it’s incorrect it can cause this type of issues;


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  1. I just recently purchased the mxq pro box. It had an app called My Family Cinema pre installed. It was working fine. A few days ago the app just disappeared and I cannot reinstall from Google Play as it says the app is not supported. I then tried installing the APK vis USB but although it shows that the app is installed, it does not open and neither does it appear in the apps list. How do i get around this and install the app again?

  2. Hi Alex, I bought my mxQpro 4k few years back. Yesterday, suddenly it didn’t work, no light blue & none on screen. I tried the matchstick trick, no response. Can you help?

  3. Hi there I have a mxq pro 4k 5g tv box and it doesn’t want to turn back on I tried to unplug for a few mins n put back and still nothing it was working fine in the morning n wen I switched it off on the remote it had a red light on to show it was off n when I came back the lights was off on the box n it nva came back on

  4. I hace the mx9 and it won’t find my hard drive. I have 3 in total and the others work great but this one doesn’t. All my other devices find it well its just tue mx9

  5. hi we currently using mxq pro 4k.the problem is we are using tivimate for local and international channel but theres nothing in there.. we cannot watch any channel.. is there any way to fix that? thank you for answer

  6. HI I have a MXQ pro 4K ,it was working good with a lot of channels with different languages unfortunately may be I push a wrong button and now I have only logo on the screen and I went follow the recommendation in you tub for restart again but did not work, do you have any Idea what can I return back it?

  7. Hi I’m trying to use mircast on my mxq 4k 5g.
    It asks for a password on my cell but doesn’t allow one for the box and then it doesn’t connect.
    What could be the issue or how can I solve it.

  8. When i connect the speaker with mxqpro box 4k 5g through aux port but it only gives left sound not giving right sound and my speaker is workable when i play using mobile it gives all left and right sound and also with bluetooth but not with mxq pro 4k 5g

  9. I have a M9X-4K TV box. is it related to the MXQ Pro 4k? I have tried many things to get into the Android recovery mode, but the best I have managed is to get a white banner across the screen with ‘Android is Starting…Optimizing App x of 10.

    The reason I want to reset it is that I suspect a bad upgrade that causes the box to lock up about a minute after showing the menu.

    I realise this not the same product and if I am off the beam asking this question, I am sorry, but in my internet search, you seem to be the most knoledgeable and helpful.

    • It’s similar but not manufactured by the same company.
      Unfortunately, I do not have this model so I can’t test it, maybe someone who has the same model can help you here.

  10. Hi, how do I unroot my box, most apps don’t wanna play giving a message that the devise seems to be rooted.
    kindly send steps on how to unroot the TV Box.

  11. I have the MXQ Pro 8K Ultra HD and after I set it up it got stuck on the screen then it went off. Is it dead? I tried resetting it but to no avail. I need help!

    • Are there any LEDs being turned on for this device? If it’s completely “dead”, maybe it’s a power/battery issue.

  12. Hi I’m using moto g5s plus, while connecting mirror cast from mobile to tv, it’s only loading then came to normal home screen..not connected

  13. hi alex i had the same problem with our mxq pro 4k box i let my sister use it she watched a lot of xxx stuff she said but when getting it back the WIFI didn’t work nothing worked so i did a lot of you tubing and really am not getting the answer on how to get it back to the lollipop firmware that it was on?

  14. Not switching on, tried all the methods, tried to reset the display resolution on tv, only screen display comes is no signal. the green led is on

  15. Hi Alex
    I have a problem to switched the tv box on. There is only a orange and a yellow lights on. I have a MXQ PRO 4k tv box. The blue light will not turned on when I press power on on the remote. Please can you help me to fix it.

    • What do you mean by screensharing, are you referring to casting from your smartphone on your TV?
      As for the hard reset, the method for the MXQ Pro 4k is mentioned in the article above. Do you have this model or another one?

  16. Hi, i uninstalled the netflix app by mistake, is there any way to restore the netflix with the same version as before or should i just factory reset it?

    • Hi Nov,
      I suggest installing Netflix from Play Market, you should be able to install only the version which is compatible with your device.
      Otherwise, just do a factory reset.

  17. Heyy, my tv box just show black screen. I turned on my l tv and the box then it loads for a minute by showing the android logo then is turns all black. I tried the av port button but nothing happened.

    • Hi Matt,
      I suggest you keep trying the AV button to hard reset the device, if it doesn’t work then software would need to be reinstalled on the device. However, this is something I did not try so I wouldn’t be able to help you with a tutorial.

  18. I have a mxq pro 4k android tv box. I have connected it to my wifi and after restarting box (power off and power on ie. supply electricity) it reconnects to my wifi but when i load youtube it says cant connect now check network. My wifi is working fine

    • What model of TV Box are you using? The model specified on the article above or another one? Maybe it’s not pre-installed on your device, in which case you would need to install it.

  19. Hi Alex, I have a problem trying to connect my phone via miracast to the TV box. Every time I try my phone can find the device and the TV box shows and alert that it is connecting but after a while the app reset and didn’t connect at all
    What can I do there?

    • Hi Luis,
      If you can see the tv box, I assume you have both the phone and the tv box connected to the same wireless network so this is fine.
      Did you try to reboot your TV box? Maybe it’s a temporary issue.

    • Hi Irene,
      Do you still have this issue? Sometimes you need to leave it as it is for a very long period of time, it can take even an hour.

  20. Alex:
    “you want more from it then a TV Box”
    Should read “you want more from it THAN a TV Box”
    THAN is for comparisons: more THAN, less THAN, faster THAN, etc.

  21. Why do I need to update the date and time of my mxq box everytime I open it. It doesn’t apply as default so I need to set it up again and again for me to be able to use it. how can I fix it?

  22. Hi I have a mxq pro stuck on android white screen with a black line across it. I tried the reset, but does nothing, what do you suggest?

    • Hi Celeste,
      I suggest trying several times the hard reset, it should work. If it’s not working, it may be a software issue which needs reinstalling firmware.

  23. Good Day Alex,

    I’m unable to watch showmax through my Tv box MXQ Pro 4K and MXQ Pro 6K. Error: Your device appears to be rooted. Playback has been disabled (AND1002).

    Can you help please?

      • Hi alex, i just bought this tv box a week ago. Yesterday its works fine, but today when i power on the tv box, my internet connection went so slow. But when i power off the android box, my wifi works just fine..
        On my tv box i cant connect wifi, so i use LAN cable, its working on my tv box. BUT same issues appear, my other devices that using the exact wifi went very slow… why? Now i cant use the tv box because everytime i power on the box, my phone, etc cant use the wifi. Btw i have 1mbps speed internet

          • Alex, on january 3rd finally my box went normal after i reset to factory. Yesterday i watching netflix with peace. This morning till noon , the box works pretty fine… but now its error again:(:( this time slightly different than before. Now my box connected to wifi, but i cant open netflix , youtube etc it says ‘no network’ but the network works fine on my other devices. I tried the speed test and it went 9.8mbps but i cant use the internet:(:(:(

          • Yess its show connected, but everytime i try to open internet. The conncection lost and when i dont use the internet the connection show up again. How to reboot?

  24. Good day! I encountered a problem with my MXQ tv box. We were just using it a moment ago, but suddenly the power’s gone. It won’t open again. We tried to reboot, but it won’t work. What will I do? We just bought it two days ago.

  25. Hi this might help
    Try to observe the date and time on the setting if it the date and year goes back to 1970
    Change it
    This might be the reason for stopping the installed application
    I’ve have tried it my self it works

  26. My device struck in Android logo, I try to go recovery mode but I cant
    I press the button and connect power source but still black screen
    I press the button and connect usb cable also but still no reaction
    Why recovery button not working, Is there any other option to recover
    pls help me

    • The options we mentioned in the article are the only method we found, however we don’t have this device anymore for further testing.
      I suggest sending this device to warranty, if still exists.

  27. i wipe data/factory reset my mxq 4k pro. but on the screen it stuck at failed to mount cache, then i try to reset it the option of the reset didnt come out..pls help i buy this unit last 2 days only

    • I don’t think this was caused only by the hard reset, most probably you selected other options in device bios. If possible, I suggest you return the device, without mentioning this problem.

  28. Hi, I have a red plusing circle appearing in the top right of my home screen and any app I am using, have went through all the settings I can think of and tried numerous things, but no luck? Any help or direction would be much appreciated, thanks

  29. Hi. I have a problem with device. No connect with my tv SAMSUNG 40″. The led is blue but there is nothing in the screen. (excuse my english). What happen whit it? thanks a lot.

      • i have the same problem and i tried all the HDMI input but nothing change. I did also a hard rest by cliking on the button in the AV splet but nothing change so what should i do
        thank you in advance

  30. Hi! I just want to ask. How can i fix my tv box even it is connected to the internet but when i want to watch youtube, it says here “can’t connect”.

  31. Hi, i just bought a new mxq 4k 5g, i plug it in my tv devant, but when i choose the correct hdmi port it says invalid format. , How to solve this?

    • Hi Leo,
      I think this has something to do with resolution on the TV Box, what’s the maximum resolution your TV supports? Can you test the TV Box on a newer TV to lower resolution?

  32. I bought my mxq pro 4k last month, suddenly I cannot connect to the internet as the wifi setting is in turn off mode. I tried to turn on the wifi setting but to no avail, even the usb port is not working. I did the factory reset in setting but still no changes. I tried to do the hard factory reset but the menu for factory reset did not show up. Can you please tell me the problem and if it can be fix or not. Thank you

  33. Hi I bought mx10 pro 6k. At first 4 months it work very well then yesterday when we are trying to use it again. It didnt turn on. I tried to replace the adapter but nothing happen. I also tried to change our outlet and nothing change it. All i see is red light. I also tried to replace the battery of the remote but still nothing happens.
    Many thanks for the help.

  34. The box worked perfectly for a week but i have a problem now . It does not have internet connection . It can be connected to wifi and does not show any problem however when i open youtube or netflix it says cannot connect . I also tried wired lan connection . Still no internet . And there is an orange light besides the blue light

  35. Hi, my problem with my mxq pro is that whenever I’m turning it on, it automatically directs to the Android Recovery with options like reboot now, etc instead for directing to its interface. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you!

  36. Hi Alex. My tv box was working normally and suddenly it made a hard reset by itself I tried to reset it then reboot but it still showing the recovery page

  37. Good day! I bought my tv box and it was working properly then. All of a sudden it doesn’t power on anymore. I tried to replace the adapter, for few minutes it was working then suddenly power off and never power on anymore even if I change the adapter. What should I do? It’s not under warranty anymore.

    • Hi Rhoda,
      Maybe its power source is busted, I don’t think there’s much you can try as there are not service stores which provide assistance for this.

  38. Hi Alex,
    First I would like to thank you for your thread here. I am very impressed that you took time to read the comments and answer and I am very grateful that a person like you exists in this world to give service to users. I have had the mxq box since the first version. I like tech and I am good at most things, but Imy skills are not on the level of a programmer.
    So, I have the MXQ Pro 4k for a few years. I stopped using it a year or so, and recently started it up.
    Installed Kodi 18.8, got it working, but after 3 weeks it started glitching. Did a speed test and it was about half speed of my other devices on the same network. But all this is just info for you.
    Recently, the box was glitching a lot, and with the slower internet speed, I thought it would be a good idea to run the Encryption option. So I did it and it was successful. Everything looked good.
    I then did a Fresh Start on Kodi to install a new build but lost power.
    When I rebooted the box, it freezes on the “ANDROID” screen. I left it on all night and the next morning still stuck there, no change.
    I did your hard reset and no change, still same. Froze on boot up screen “ANDROID”
    I checked the log and it seems every boot item says “blocked” in the description.
    I rebooted from Bootlog, I hard reset, I unplugged and plugged back in, no change.
    Do you have a fix for this?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks a lot for your praise.
      Unfortunately, regarding your issue, I don’t think there is anything else you can do except to reinstall firmware. However, it’s an operation we did not perform and don’t have the possibility of helping you with a tutorial, as we don’t have this TV Box anymore into custody.
      There were other users who had issues which required a ROM reinstall but again, we can’t make a recommandation as it’s a sensitive operation and needs to be tested before.
      Perhaps you can find somewhere else tutorials to reinstall firmware.
      I’m really sorry I can’t help you here and I hope you’ll find a solution to this.
      If you will manage to fix this, would mean a lot if you can send some feedback regarding how you solved it.
      Best of luck and take care!

      • I have an old MXQ which is not compatible with any more updating but still runs Kodi 15 and still works but very limited.
        I also just set up and am now using my A96x which is performing well right now with Kodi 18.
        Are there any newer updated or better Android TV boxes you can recommend?

        thank you again

        • Hi Ronnie,
          I didn’t test it myself but I saw X96Q 2020 has good reviews, it has a quad-core Cortex A53, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM and Android 10.

  39. Hi, our tv box was just working fine. We turned it off for a few hours then after turning it on, there;s a dim blue light and no display. Please helo

  40. sir i have 3 devices but 3 devices r not not showing rest mode
    i have pressed av inside switch and power on few sec
    but it is not showing rest mode only showing green light

  41. Hi, how to change the language of the movies, i already change the settings into english, but everytime i watch all channels in my channel list it has different language. Can you help me? thanks.

    • Hi Mark,
      I’m not sure this is possible.
      I understand you are referring to TV channels, right? What app are you using to view those channels? Because it depends on the app.

  42. I have two issues with my box.First when I go into settings and change the language to English it is still in a foreign language. Is there any other way to change it? Also if I do a hard rest what all does that delete from the and can the language be changed that way.

    • A hard reset resets all settings to factory defaults.
      I suggest trying a hard reset and see if language issue will be the same.

  43. New MXQ Pro TV box. Works mostly fine with the exception of two problems:
    1) When power off tv box via red button on remote and left to stand for a few hours….using the remote to power on doesnt work…light red on the box. I have to unplug the tv box the replug it and then it works fine.

    2) Navigating via remote monitor goes blank the comes on ever so often making “buup” sound o the speaker when it goes off and also when it goes on….. only happens when scrolling….when tv operating its perfectly fine.

    tried resetting and restoring factory setting…still nothing. all connections and cables are fine. i do have the bluetooth speaker plugged in via speaker out and also have power for bluetooth speaker on one of the usb ports on the tv box.

    • I don’t know if there is anything you can do to fix these issues. As you can also see from the comments here, these devices are pretty buggy.

  44. hi! my MXQ tv box turned off while im watching. and now its not turning on, no lights at all but you know its plugged in cause the box gets warm. what should i do?

  45. I have an issue with the device as it freezes at the MXQ logo screen and does nothing. I had it for a couple of months and it was running perfectly. Could it be a power supply issue or a firmware? Shall I try hard reset?

  46. Hi Sir Alex,
    I hope you helped me with the tv box I bought because since I bought it last Saturday, it has been on / off. Is it an internet connection problem or a factory defect?

    • Hi April,
      Do you mean it’s turning on and off completely? If yes, it may be a power issue caused by the cable or by the device itself, I would return it to the seller to check this problem.

  47. hello mr. Alex,
    i have recently brought a new mxq pro 4x tv box with 2gb ram and 16 gb rom and 7.1 android version..i having few problems with this is, it worked normal for couple of days after that when i tryed to added another google account its not showing any option to procced further so i did factory reset but even also its not allowing to add another account and newly one more problem araised that its not switching to wifi mode..the same wifi is been connecting to other devices. second one is i having old crt colour televison whic does not have a hdmi port and i connect the box with av cables via av port, so how can i do hard reset when the reset button lies within the av port.. pls help in regarding..thank you

    • Hello,
      If you have several issues, I suggest returning the product in case the shop where you bought it allows you to do so.

    • Are you using the HDMI cable? Do you have more than one HDMI port on your TV to try? Also, please try to select each HDMI port using your TV remote control.

  48. got stucked with the screen MXQpro and did the hard start several times. Still getting same result with mxqpro logo on the screen after each system reboot

    • I don’t think there is anything else you can try except to reinstall software. However, I did not try this, I suggest looking online for tutorials.

    • Do you mean it gets stuck on the logo screen? Did you try to reboot the device? If yes, please try a hard reset, instructions can be found on the article.

      • Dear Alex, tks for your reply. I did try the hard reset but nothing happened. It still got stuck on the logo page.
        Appreciate if u could send a video to my email. ******* on what else I can do. Sometimes written instructions ain’t as good as ‘ seeing is believing’. Tq

        • Hi Patgoh,
          If issue is the same after hard reset, unfortunately there is nothing I could help with, I suggest trying to reinstall software on the device but it’s not something I did myself, I suggest looking for tutorials about this on Youtube.
          Best of luck!

  49. Hi Alex. Thanks for topic. I have a light trouble with my mqx pro 4k 2gb, android 7. I turn it off with remote and after a few minutes it turns on without pressing anything. Should be something like autoboot configured because after this autoboot it open an application. Mouse and remote control aren’t the issue. I tried soft reset, install a third app for shutdown. It didn’t work. Should I try hard reset or is there any other “light” solution to this “light” issue ? thanks

  50. Hi ALEX,

    I bought new device mxq pro 4K, Amazon prime video app. Video language unable to change. Click audio button blank screen showing. Miracast also not working Mobile to TV. Please give the solution

    • Hi Mari,
      Language can be changed in Settings – Language, however I’m not sure you can change subtitle language.
      Regarding Miracast, what are the steps you followed and where did you have issues?

      • Hi Alex thank for reply,
        i am click the audio language button but showing yellow and white box.
        Miracast, , mobile and tv both same network mode, open both Miracast app not showing signal
        One more issue, Play the movie in hotstar saying error “rooted playback not available in device” please give the solution


        • Hi Mari,
          About Miracast, it should work on this device, I saw for other persons it works. can you also try with another phone just for testing purposes?
          Regarding the Hotstar issue, please make sure the date and time is set automatically, it’s a potential fix in some cases.

          • Alex,
            Hot star issue solved
            Miracast issue not solved, I used different phone
            Amazon prime video multiple language videos, while click the audio link showing white screen language icon
            Able to install 2nd WiFi drive like USB WiFi?

          • Regarding Miracast, I think there are some settings which need to be done, unfortunately I don’t have this device anymore since a pretty long time (shortly after publishing this article) and couldn’t help you more. Perhaps some tutorials on YouTube could help.
            Same for the other 2 issues you mentioned (video language and 2nd wifi drive) as I did not use any of these.

  51. I bought MXQ Pro 4k box. I can’t cast my any mobile phome to it. because it do not give any signal to mobile phone to connect after opening “wifidisplay” on its preinstelled app. I tried miracast and other apps by installing in both mobile and box but it don’t work. Please suggest the solution for it so that i can cast my mobile screen to it.

    • Can you please send more details, what are the exact steps you followed, where you encountered problems and what type of problems?

  52. Hi Alex,
    I got newMXQ pro 4k. Wen i was started usin g it s connecting after 1 to 2 minutes the device is automatically disconnecting with displaying message “no signal check the external input or select another input using the input button” How to resolve this issue. Please help me..

  53. Hi Alex
    I did a hard reset on my mxq pro 4K box as directed but the it fails each time.It says “no command “ then underneath it says “supported API :3”
    “E:failed to mount/cache (invalid argument )
    “E:failed to mount/cache recovery /last_locale
    “E:failed to write /dev/block/misc:I/0
    “E:failed to mount /cache (invalid argument

    Please help

    • Hi Ronald,
      You need to force starting a normal boot, however I don’t know how that can be done on a tv box. On a mobile phone this can be done by Home + Volume Down + Power buttons and select normal boot, however I don’t know how to do this on a tv box.

  54. Hi,

    My Mxq Pro 4k box not allow me to turn on wifi any more. Worked perfect for 6 months up, so no waranty.
    I already ordered a new one but if i can fix this it will go to another room/ tv. Tried hard reset already but the wifi cannot be turned on.

    • Hi Fokke,
      If hard reset did not solve your issue, this seems to be a software problem, however I did not try to reinstall software on this device, therefore I couldn’t help you here.

  55. Hi

    I have a mxq pro 4k the device was working correct all the time now its displaying a orange an green light. i have done the toothpick thing and its still not working. What do i do now?

  56. i have just bought mx pro box last week first it was working its not working properly i have and isuue of playing particular site videos…videos cannot load or timed out this error is flashing…and the video which arr playin its audio is not clear…how do i fix this ???this happened after i installed and runned rootify app

  57. Hi, I have boot loop on my mxq after doing favtory reset, I try to hard reset but still in boot loop, can you help me?

  58. Hi. I have mxQ pro 4k TV box. It’s only displaying the Android logo and can’t open up any further. I have the erase all data method. But still after following the steps it still only displays the Android logo and nothing else is happening. Please help

    • Hi Steve,
      If issue is the same, it may require to reinstall software, however I did not try this and can’t provide a tutorial.

  59. Hi there. I have this tv box. Can I use to update a USB C cable? Bigger end I could put into TV box, and smaller one to computer? It shall works? Please answer. 😊

  60. Hi , I am doing the hard reset on my mxq pro box , and all I get is a round coloured circle with erasing underneath it, then it will just go to MXQ PRO , on the screen and cannot get no further ,any ideas ?

    • Hi Dave,
      Seems like a software problem in your case. If you repet this and the result is the same, I think the only option would be to install software again on this device.

  61. Disconnect the device from the power supply.
    Inside the AV slot insert a match or a thin stick until you find a small button, hold that button for a few seconds and connect the power supply. You must hold the button pressed until you can see the logo on the screen followed by a restart. After the restart, you can stop pressing the button.
    You will have a menu on the screen. Using a keyboard connected through USB, select wipe data/factory reset and press Tab.
    Select delete all user data and press Tab.
    Wait for the process to finish and then select reboot and press Tab. This option is not working what I do please help me

  62. Hi Alex
    I did wipe/data factory reset
    the wiping date is done but gave me at the end this massage
    E: cannot load volume /misc !
    Can you tell me what I can to do pls

    • Hi Samir,
      Ignore that message, if reset was completed select power off option or whatever option you have to move further.

  63. Hi Alex
    The problem with my box is after doing the factory reset I can not add my google account details , whenever I try to add my google account it keeps showing (checking info…) Can you tell me what to do please

  64. My mxq pro 4k was working fine, but now I cannot watch Netflix or YouTube even with the wifi seemingly connected (in settings). The net is working fine on my PC. Netflix dropped out last night while I was watching. This box is only a few weeks old and my old one did well for a few years. I’ve unplugged it & reconnected with the same problem. Could you help please?

      • Everything worked fine for about 1 hour last night but then Netflix cut out. Now I believe its because there’s more people online due to this virus. After Easter I will need to contact my isp provider to get a faster net connection etc. Thanks.

        • If it keeps buffering, then it may be because of high bandwidth usage. Not sure where are you from but Netflix also reduced bitrate in Europe to try and mitigate the effects of high traffic on their platform.

  65. My DSTV app is no longer visible under my apps and also not on play store when using this device. If I use my android phone I can still see the DSTV now app in play store?

    • It’s possible that the DSTV app is no longer available for this device. Try to install it separately from another source, search for it on google.

  66. Hi my Mxq 4k does not want to open youtube keeps telling me the action is not allowed. I also try to cast feom my samsung to the tv box but cant find the app on the tv box..

  67. My Android MQ pro 4K was recently updating Android, and I inadvertently tried to switch off the remote. Since then I cannot get it to work at all – it scrolls from the original start-up logo and the MBox logo repeatedly. It seems that this has occurred after the system upgrade. I’ve tried to do a hard reset, but cannot find the button in the AV Port. Please help

    • Well, it’s a general rule for any device, never interfere with it when it’s updating as it can be bricked. I can only suggest to keep trying to perform the hard reset, try with a toothpick or something else, even though – if it’s bricked – it’s possible that the hard reset will not fix this.

      • Thank Alex, I don’t know what “bricked” is – ‘though I suspect it means that it is irretrievably broken? Does that mean having to replace it? Living in Zimbabwe that is almost impossible. Is there nothing I can do? I’m still having trouble with the hard reset – I can’t feel the “button” they talk about. How far inside the AV port is it? I’ve read two versions of a hard reset, and they differ.

        • Yes, that’s what it means.
          From what I know there is only one way to hard reset the device (other way to reset it it’s a factory reset, it’s done from the menu so it will not help you). A toothpick should be enough to be able to reset it.

  68. I bought a new remote control for my mxq 4k pro but not working to connect with my tv box or I don’t know how. Can someone help me please

  69. I just bought a used mxq pro 4k box and there is a red and blue flashing light. when I plug into the tv via hdmi I simply get a blinking smart tv logo come on. I tried the hard reset what else can I do?

    • Are you sure the hard reset was completed successfully? Because it should work after this is done. Not sure you can try anything else.

  70. Hi,
    I was gifted an mxq pro 4K by my friend. She took care is installing all apps that I wanted bec she knows I’m not tech savy.
    Now when I saw that all accounts have her name on it, I added a new user so my name will show. When I created new user the system showed only its original setting for the apps and I lost the apps my friend installed. So how do I get back to the original user account so my media player will display all apps she installed for me

  71. my mxqpro4k Netflix is giving me error message saying wrong password, even im using the correct one. is there any way i can reformat my device?

      • Are you sure the password is correct? It’s strange having a credential issue even after hard reset. Can you try to log on another device? Or maybe it’s a remote control issue with the buttons.

        • i follow your uninstall netflix and install ussing your link. i was able to log in and im using correct credential. the error now with my netflix is. code 0013 sorry we could not reach Netflix service

          • You receive this error when trying to view a movie/series or immediately after logging in?
            For this error Netflix recommends the following:
            -trying with a different internet source;
            -reinstalling the app, which you already did;
            -last, if the first 2 steps did not solve your problem, they recommend checking with the hardware producer this problem, so I guess this may be something from the TV Box, perhaps some kind of incompatibility.

          • – Netflix for Android TV App does not work because the DRM protection, I need to use the previous apps, then i hard reset the box, then reboot, but when i log in on my old apps, same error occurred, saying wrong password. Alex Do you have the instruction how to reformat the device?

          • Hi Alex, please help, I already reboot and successfully re start my TV box and gave google account as per requirements. But when I tried to open YouTube it keeps on asking to sign in and so I gave the google account but it doesn’t work.. what to do please. I can’t watch YouTube on my TV box even though it has already google account and everything. Please help. What to do? It keeps on asking to sign in but bottoms are not working just displaying the word sign in but when I tried to click it doesn’t work.

  72. Why my screen only mbox words long long time?I have tried to unplugged all and try to restart it.But still same.May I know how to solve this kind problem?Thank you

  73. Its looks like everybody else got almost the same problem. I didnt, my problem is my launcher is doing funny thing, i did not have abootloop problem but with my launcher. After the mbox logo, it proseed to the launcher but the cursor keep getting up even after i unplug the bateries on the remote. Whenever i push down button the cursor always move up again, i try to use wireless keyboard and get the same problem but i can select the app and have YouTube play some clip then the sound ia turning up and wont turning down. How do i fix this?

  74. Hi Alex

    Not sure what’s the problem with my mxq pro 4k, it just stopped working and 2 small lights blue and orange stays on when you plug power supply, tried the tooth pick method it worked once, then after a week it did the same thing, this time didn’t respond to toothpick method, I changed the box, after 2 weeks this box is doing the same thing, can you help me

    • Hi Calvin,
      Sorry, but I don’t think there is something you can do in this situation, it’s just that these are low quality devices which may encounter frequently problems. If you have warranty, I suggest sending it to service warranty.

  75. when your holding the button inside the a/v port, plug in the power cord, you will see the amlogic screen, it will flash real quick one time, thats when i let the button go but wasnt sure if it got it right so i just held the button more after that and it went to the restore screen, choose factory reset and accept, restart the box it should start up, it will sit on the mbox logo for a minute or two, be patient, it only has a 600 mhz processor, it should work , i tried this because mine kept looping from mbox and then restart back to mbox and then restart, this actually worked

  76. Hi Alex, as everyone else, I seem to be having trouble with my MXQ Pro 4K model. My box is constantly rebooting over and over not getting past MBOX Logo screen. Occasionally it will flash a boot 2 or 8 on the screen real fast bu it goes nowhere. I’ve tried the hard reset steps mentioned but I’m really not sure I did it correctly. I’ve waited for the logo screen and the reboot, sometimes it does this and sometimes it doesn’t but either way it doesn’t give me a boot screen to reset everything. I’m assuming my brain is not wanting to cooperate with my hands and eyes but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Richard,
      If the device reboots after holding the button in the AV slot pressend then the reset is done correctly. This should be followed by the recovery menu, does this happen in your case?

    • If it’s not working to hard reset there is not much you can do. You can try to reinstall software on the device but this may be tricky. If you still have warranty, I recommend sending it to service.

  77. i have t9 tv box. i was flash the firmware on that but after intall the firmware my device totally bricked its not turning on no power no light please help

  78. Hi, my tv box MXq Pro device stopped working & when I switched the power off & on again it stayed on the reboot screen so I switched it off for a while & now it does not go on even after rebooting it, it is dead, who ca n repair it or how do I get another device?

          • 1. Disconnect the device from the power supply.
            2. Inside the AV slot insert a match or a thin stick until you find a small button, hold that button for a few seconds and connect the power supply. You must hold the button pressed until you can see the logo on the screen followed by a restart. After the restart, you can stop pressing the button.
            3. You will have a menu on the screen. Using a keyboard connected through USB, select wipe data/factory reset and press Tab.
            4. Select delete all user data and press Tab.
            5. Wait for the process to finish and then select reboot and press Tab.

  79. hi Every time I try connect my WiFi mxqpro4 keeps connecting to another xfinity WiFi and i can’t stop it also it says I’m connected but can’t even get online no sites no internet at all pls help

    • Hi Ricky,
      Can’t you try to forget that network? Probably you tried to connect to it by mistake and now it’s saved. Try to forget that network and connect to your correct wifi network.

  80. Hi Alex

    My box is stuck at the Android Recovery screen. I followed your instructions a few times. Factory resetting doesn’t work. I’ve only had it for two weeks so I’m taking it back. This was my first experience with an Android box and I’ll never buy one of these again. From all the comments below it’s not worth the hassle and is not supported by its manufacturer.

    • Hi Trina,
      Thanks for letting us know your experience with this device.
      Not all android boxes are usually problematic but, depending on the model, many (especially the cheap ones) can have issues. However, a hard reset should work no matter what is the issue, as long as it’s not hardware related.
      But if you can return it, I assume this would be the best choice in your situation.

    • Hello Alyssa,
      Well, regarding the TV Box working slow there is not much you can do, did it work like this since the beginning or since when do you have this issue?
      Now, about wifi, are you able to connect to the same wifi network using another device?

  81. Same also as mind,i do a factory reset but when i want to press the “Reboot System now” it will show only snap photo of Android and go back at the resetting screen or sometimes it just only a blue screen.
    How can i return back to the home screen?is there any options than rebooting the system to go back the original screen?

  82. I try to hard reset.. but the box does not detect the keyboard and I don’t know any other alternative is to navigate the system recovery menu. Do you have any other suggestions?

  83. This box is garbage.
    Have another different brand box with ZERO lag/buffering, same apps stutter like hell with this box.
    Makes me think there’s some other s*** going on in the background.

    • This is an older model, perhaps this is also one of the reason it works slow, not having software updates also doesn’t help.
      What model are you currently using and it works properly?

      • Had the same issue.
        Finally i’ve downloaded on PC the right version of Play Store and Play Services .apk (found on Be sure you got the right version (in my case, Amlogic S905, for Android 7.1.2). Copy them to SD card or USB stick.
        Remove updates for Play Store and Play Services on TV Box. Install the .apk files from SD card or USB stick on TV Box.
        Reboot the TV Box and retry.

  84. Followed the instructions to Hard reset. However, after doing the factory reset command it went through the formatting stages and data wipe complete but then the last line was “Cannot load volume /misc!”.
    Question where do I go from here or can anything be done?

  85. Hello good afternoon my device crashed on the home screen, I’m trying to reset when I turn off the source I press with a stick, I turn on the source turns on the blue light but the device does not turn on please help me

    • Hello Rodrigo,
      I have translated your comment as we do not discuss in other languages then English on this site.
      Is the device connected to a power source? Did you try with another hdmi cable?

  86. No sound reset many times . Happens time to time when power is lost then restored. Get fed up trying disconnects for days and then it will work but not in a 36 hour range

  87. I am having problems with mxq pro 4K box when in kodi and I add apps to kodi it stops working and goes to home screen have done reset to factory settings but still same problem using kodi18.4 tried to do hard reset with toothpick but does not work can you help please

    • Do you have issues also other apps?
      Perhaps it is some sort of software bug with Kodi, perhaps someone else who reads this can test if it has the same issue, unfortunately I don’t own anymore this TV Box model to check myself.

  88. I think that Android TV boxes are a good option for those who mainly use Kodi on them so my testing was pretty much putting this little unit through the paces within Kodi.

  89. Hi Alex

    Please assist… The problem is I cannot watch any Showmax, Netflix or My Family movies as it keeps “buffering”. I installed the TV box on Thursday with no problems initially but as from yesterday I cannot watch anything. I have 2 TV boxes installed on a 4mb line… But even if I disconnect the one box it still doesn’t play the movies properly. What do you suggest I do? I don’t have a mouse or keyboard… Just the remote

    • Hi Marcelle,
      As longs as this happens with any app, probably it will not help reinstalling the apps, I suggest trying a hard reset following the steps mentioned in the articole above, should fix your issue.

      • Do you have the same issue with other devices connected to the same wifi network or only with the MXQ TV Box?
        Did you also try a hard reset using the steps mentioned in the article?

  90. I have a mxq pro 4k.the blue light is on but on the tv it just says android and wont change.i have tried hard resetting but it stays the please

    • When you tried to hard reset the device, what happened, was the hard reset succesful? Please specify all the steps you followed.

      • hard reset unsuccessful,with a toothpick I pressed the reset button,then inserted power cable whilst still holding the reset button in until the screen lit up,released the button and scrolled down to delete data and reset,once complete I scrolled to reboot device,rebooted,still nothingon the tv screen it black with the word android only appearing

        • I understand, this operation should have solved this issue, I recommend sending the device to warranty in case you still have service warranty for it.

  91. Hi alex,
    I dont know what to do my mxq pro 4k,.,im usibg toothpick method but theres nothing seen a swipe or factory reset its just a black screen,.,what else i can do with this box

    • First, make sure your remote control batteries are still charged, this may be a remote control issue. Second, try to hard reset the device using these steps:

      -Disconnect the device from the power supply.
      -Inside the AV slot insert a match or a thin stick until you find a small button, hold that button for a few seconds and connect the power supply. -You must hold the button pressed until you can see the logo on the screen followed by a restart. After the restart, you can stop pressing the button.
      -You will have a menu on the screen. Using a keyboard connected through USB, select wipe data/factory reset and press Tab.
      Select delete all user data and press Tab.
      -Wait for the process to finish and then select reboot and press Tab.

      • Hi Catherine,
        Try the hard reset both when the tv box is connected to the power supply and when it is not connected to it.
        Also, try pushing with the toothpick for a longer time, in most cases, no matter which is the problem the hard reset should work.

  92. I replaced my MXQ 4 and got the same problem. Stuck on a blue light and no signal. My advice to to get rid of the rubbish and buy something else (better)

    • It’s a bit weird you have the exact same issue with another tv box, maybe the HDMI cable is faulty. Try with another cable or on another TV.
      I’m not saying this is one of the best device there is, just that it’s weird you have the same problem after you replaced the TV Box, surely the issue lies somewhere else.

  93. Hi Alex to answer your question. Yes I have started the box, unplugged it, Uninstalled netflix and reinstalled it. It still won’t scroll down to what I was watching or my list. I can navigate to “My list” on the top with the mouse button but then it won’t play after selecting what I want to watch.

    • Hi Maritza,
      I suggest trying also a hard reset, there’s few chances to have the exact same bug after the device is completely wiped clean.

  94. HI Alex,

    i have a MXQ Pro 4K media box, and its been freezing very frequently. It usually comes back on after a while but now it seemed to have frozen and is not recovering. When it does this the blue light stays on but the device seems to be switched off as i cannot view picture on my TV screen. Iv tried the hard reset by sticking a pin in the AV port but still no joy.. PLEASE HELP 🙁

    • Hi Brandy,
      When you tried to hard reset it, does something happen? If not, you need to keep trying, no matter the issue it should reboot when trying to hard reset.

  95. Hi Alex. I have a non smat TV and bought the box a few days ago. Netflix was working perfectly until last night when I wanted to navigate to the “continue watching” I can’t seem to navigate with the remote button and not even when I switch to the mouse navigator. Please help.

    • Hi Alex to answer your question. Yes I have started the box, unplugged it, Uninstalled netflix and reinstalled it. It still won’t scroll down to what I was watching or my list. I can navigate to “My list” on the top with the mouse button but then it won’t play after selecting what I want to watch.

      • I’m not referring to restarting the device, I mean to hard reset the device, a factory reset, in the article above I explained how this is done:

        Disconnect the device from the power supply.
        Inside the AV slot insert a match or a thin stick until you find a small button, hold that button for a few seconds and connect the power supply. You must hold the button pressed until you can see the logo on the screen followed by a restart. After the restart, you can stop pressing the button.
        You will have a menu on the screen. Using a keyboard connected through USB, select wipe data/factory reset and press Tab.
        Select delete all user data and press Tab.
        Wait for the process to finish and then select reboot and press Tab.

  96. Hi,

    I have MXQ pro 4k setup box and it got stuck on Android logo and I followed all the 5 steps you have mentioned and everything went on successfully but still the android didn’t disappear.
    Could you please help me more on this..

    • Hi Nikhitha,

      You can also try to unplug HDMI and power cables, leave them like unplugged for around 20-30 minutes and then try again. If issue is the same and the hard reset also did not fix your issue, I suggest sending it to warranty in case you still have service warranty.

  97. I have an mxq pro 4k. Had no problems until recently. Netflix doesnt want to work on this device anymore. If I click on netflix it says there is an update. If I cancel the update it wont play any of the netflix content. If I choose to update google play says this device is no longer compatible. Any advice would be appreciated

    • Uninstall the Netflix app and somewhere in Settings – Security – you should have the option Unknown sources: Allow installation of apps from sources other than the play store – enable this option.
      After you completed this step, try installing the Netflix app from this source (no worries, it’s an official app from Netflix).
      It seems this is a rather common issue with Netflix, that is why they posted a tutorial on their site regarding this problem.

  98. Hi I used my box last night and had no issues with it but when i switch it on today it was stuck on start up. I did what you said and been waiting for 10/15mins now for it to restart but still stuck on start up.
    Iam using MXQ 4K android box and live in uk.

    • Hi Stuart,
      What happen when you try to hard reset it? Does it reach the recovery mode menu? If it doesn’t, then most probably the hard reset is not done, so please try again the hard reset operation.

  99. Please help. I’m in south africa and the audio language on my box is in a foreign language but when I go to settings English is ticked. All other notifications are in English except for the audio

    • Where is the audio language in a foreign language, using a certain app, for certain movies or where? As long as English is ticket, that means the TV Box menu is in English.

  100. Hello. For some reason, the apps on my box have been deleting on there own. I’ve lost the browser app and now mobdro. What can I do to rectify this ?

  101. Hi there, i was wondering if you can assist me. I purchased a mxq 4k android box and its been 2 weeks now. The mxq 4k android box is stuck on the login screen. I googled and did the hard reset using a toothpick in the AV port to reset. I have tried this a dozen times and it still stuck on the startup screen. I also tried to download latest firmware and install via SD card. Can you give me some advise on how to clear this error and continue using this device? Seems like this is the most common problem of the MXQ 4k HD Tv Box. Thanks

    • Hi Nivash,
      When you tried the hard reset, did it succeed, did you reach the recovery mode to perform the hard reset? Or it’s still frozen while you’re trying to hard reset it.
      Installing other firmware might brick your device, I for one didn’t try installing another firmware on my MXQ PRO TV BOX.

  102. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this article. The first issue of mine was the red light and the hard reset worked (I used a match) then it became blue again.

    Now, the problem is my box is showing orange and green lights and I have done the reset thing but it is not doing anything. My devices is MXQ PRO 4K and it is barely 2 weeks old sigh… Hope you could help me.

    • Hi Amanda,
      I’m not sure if you have this option but you should try with another power cable, usually when it shows green light it can be a power issue.

    • Hi Mae,
      I don’t think you can do anything regarding this issue, it’s just the way Miracast works on this device, eventually you could try a hard reset if you don’t mind losing the apps you installed.

  103. Hi Alex, for my Mxq pro, I have followed your instruction by using toothpick , pressing wipe data/factory reset – ‘yes’, then reboot system now, after a short dark screen then appear Android logo again and nothing happen. Pls help . Regards Santoso.

    • Hi Santoso,
      Was this the reason why you tried the hard reset? Could you try again? If it happens the same, not sure there is anything else you could.
      You can try downloading on you laptop/PC Android Tool 2.3, connect the TV Box to your workstation using the USB cable, while Android Tool is being opened hard reset the device and select Upgrade on the Tool. You can find some tutorials regarding this on YouTube. There is a possibility of bricking your device but it’s worth the try if you don’t have service warranty anymore, as a last resort.
      Best of luck!

    • Hi Nia,
      Did you select wipe data/factory reset? You shouldn’t have this option, Boot System, please try again following the exact steps mentioned in the article.
      I think you are currently selecting another option than wipe data/factory reset and that is why you have this option.

  104. Hi Alex,
    My MXQ PRO 4K only shows the ANDROID logo, so I followed the Hard-Reset procedure, after pressing the BOOT SYSTEM – on screen showed ANDROID logo again and nothing happen. What should I do next, Sir?
    Thank you.
    Regards, Santoso.

    • Hi Santoso,
      Did you select wipe data/factory reset? You shouldn’t have this option, Boot System, please try again following the exact steps mentioned in the article. I think you are currently selecting another option than wipe data/factory reset and that is why you have this option.
      Best regards,

  105. hi, I bought the MXQ pro 4K device a few weeks ago, I am not streaming well at all on Youtube, Netflix etc.
    my TV is a smart TV, when I go onto youtube on my smart Tv it works perfectly?
    So i am pretty sure its not an internet speed problem, not sure what the cause of this could be?

    • Hi Nathan,
      How’s your internet bandwidth? Perhaps this device needs better bandwidth in order to play videos/streams properly.
      Did it work like this since the beginning?

  106. Pathetic device. I bought the MXQ PRO 4K a few months ago and now the device does not power anymore. Tried using another power cable and this still does not work. Very disappointed!

    Absolute waste of money.

  107. Hi alex
    My TV box MxQ Pro 4k is working, except when it default to a off/sleep state.
    Thin Blue & Red lights are on.

    Sometimes rebooting with toothpick works. 1 in 100 attempts

    If I unplug it for a day or two then I can perform a hard reset.

    Seems like power source or box is faulty?

    • Hi Mureed,
      The issue is most probably with the power module. I suggest sending to to warranty, if it’s still under service warranty.

  108. Hello,
    I just got the box. I downloaded Netflix app and youtube app but I cannot install the apps to use them.
    When I click on install button, it starts to install for a few seconds then a message appears “confirm source”,
    I click on it but nothing happens.
    Thanks for your help.

  109. Hi.
    When i did the hard reset like your suggestion. there was a android logo appear with thevword “no cammand”. So i can’t make any selection for the factory reset.

  110. When I first connected the Box, I wanted for playing avi files from a USB. It didn’t recognize it as a drive when I looked. Only internal was shown. I went to Storage and did see it, but no size listed, and couldnt do anything. I did try to format it thinking it had it’s own specs, but then I put the drive into laptop to copy over the files, and had issues on the laptop reading the newly formatted drive from the Box. So I can’t even copy over the file?! What am I missing? Don’t think I can connect the box to my computer unless a double USB drive is needed.

  111. Whenever I restart my box, it doesn’t boot. I have to unplug it and wait for ten minutes, then replug it and only then will it boot. Its very annoying, what can I do.

    • Can you try the TV Box with another TV? Also, do you have the possibility to try another power adaper? Last but not least, try to hard reset the device.

  112. If i reset the my MXPRO 4K android tv box, what will happen? Are all the pre-installed apps will be deleted or what?


  113. I’m not really happy with the box. The settings I set aren’t reliable with unreliable connection to the internet, instability of channels requiring me to restart it regularly. I am also unable to download my most used station. ABC iview.

  114. This is really a cheap, horrible box. Stick with any version of the Amazon Fire Stick over this piece of junk.

    Sorry to be harsh… but just telling it like it is.

    Don’t waste your money on this…

    • Thanks for your insight. Could you please explain a bit what you disliked about this device?
      Amazon Fire Stick should be better but it’s also more expensive.

  115. This box never works as it should. I cant stream any movies. It always shows a “cannot connect to supremacy or magic dragon”. How do i download other aps to watch tv and/or movies.

    • Using what app do you receive that error? What do you want to use, exactly? Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu? Or do you want to play something from an external media?

  116. My box will not reset at all. It’s currently showing both the blue and the red light I’ve tried to reset it I’ve unplugged it and nothing happens

    • Did you try also with the toothpick in the AV slot method? Please try again holding it pressed for as long as it needs until something changes on the screen.

  117. Hello. I have a OTT TV BOX and i have to reset it because it does not works. When i select wipe data/factory reset i cannot select tab on the keyboard because anything happens.
    What can i do?

    • Pablo, if you have the controller with the red button / white button on top, there’s a Back arrow button (across from the Home house button). Try that Back arrow button to confirm the action. (My OTT TV Box is Henscoqi MXQ)

  118. I buy mxq pro 4k Android box
    But 1 feature is missing
    Miracast is not pre installed into it
    I have download Miracast from app store but it doesn’t work 😒
    Help me fast what can I do now
    Please send me solution for this fast Thanking you.

    • Nizam,
      If Miracast is not pre-installed on your device, it means it doesn’t support this function so you can’t use it.

  119. Hello.. i have a MXq pro device, so when i turn on it just show me a print “android” on screen, after that the print keeping. I tried to reset but the issue continue… please help me

    • Hello Roque,
      Was the hard reset done properly? I mean the method to hard reset he device with a toothpick as mentioned in the article. Seems to be the only option you could try.

  120. hi.. i’ve bought my mxq pro last month, and i’ve been using it for almost a month then, last week i am supposed to used it however my box is not working, i’ve tried the hard reset many times, there is no logo appearing in my tv screen as stated above that there should be a logo that will appear when you’re going for a hard reset.. hard reset is also not working for my device, can you help me?

    • Hi Jhayr,
      I don’t really know what else you can try if hard reset doesn’t work, I suggest sending it to service warranty if it’s still under warranty, but please try again the hard reset keeping pressed longer the button.

      • I just received my mxq pro 4k in the mail. I opened the box did as the instructions said. It will not turn on. No lights what so ever. I did the hard rest and still nothing.

        • If there are no lights on the device, it’s either an issue with the power cable or with the device.
          If possible, try first another cable to see if it works.

  121. Hi sir even i am using same data network the screen mirroring option is not working pls help as soon as possible

    • Hello,
      Are you using mobile data or wifi network? Both devices need to be in the same wifi network in order for this to work.

  122. So ive reset my mxq pro 4k box. But when i go into kodi. Nothing at all works. Not exodus, 1channel, nothin at all its useless. Please help me fix this

    • Other apps work playing video content? Or only Kodi doesn’t work? Did you try to restart? What happens when you try to use Kodi?

  123. I have did the hard reset to my MX QPRO 4K. After releasing the button, the erasing circle pop out n then the MX QPRO logo turn out with a black background. After waiting for about 20-30 minute then the TV screen going too green for a long2 time. What should i do?? Please help…!!!

    • Try again the hard reset operation. If issue will be the same, you’ll have to send it to warranty, in case it’s still under service warranty.

  124. Hi I have mxq pro 4k box. Videos will not load/eill noy play. Network is connected. Cannot find any button in av port for reset option (plus, removing power source renders box powerless so cant see how thiss would work anyway?) Any advice please?

    • Hi Zoe,
      I suggest trying again to hard reset the device, the reset button should be there and it should work, perhaps you can try with something a little thicker, perhaps a match stick.

      • Hi my name is Leon. I bought the mxq pro 4k. It won’t sign into play Store. If u can help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  125. Hi, my box will not work. Please can you help? I have tried the hard reset and that hasn’t worked.

    I’ve had it less than six months.
    MXQPRO (3229)
    Thank you

    • Hi Caroline,
      Was the hard reset completed successfully?
      Can you please offer more details, in which way does it not work, what happens exactly?

  126. Hi i have got the mxq pro. Power was turned off at the plug now the device inly goes til the screen that shows mxq pro does not load or go further. I have done the hard reset as instructed on this page and still it is doing the exact same thing? Anything else i can or need to checj or do it need to be replaced

    • Hi Tashriq,
      If hard reset did not solve this issue I’m not sure there is anything else you can try, I recommend sending it to warranty, if the device is still under service warranty.

  127. Hi
    I’m not sure if I came right but I’ve a problem and I will be thankful if you can help me.
    I have a Mbox m201, Buildnumber: KOT49H.20171204 test-keys.
    When I try to watch TV I get a message said “decryptfile failed”. How will I do to get it fixed? I’ve reset the box but I still get the same message

  128. I hold the reset button inside the av and plug it’s power back in and still holding it Nothing
    It will not reset remote doesn’t work either
    Comes on all by itself
    Won’t shut off
    What a jewel
    I’ve been had

    • If your device is under service warranty, I recommend sending it to warranty. If the hard reset button will not work then there isn’t anything else you can try.

  129. I buy mxq pro 4k Android box
    But 1 feature is missing
    Miracast is not pre installed into it
    I have download Miracast from app store but it doesn’t work 😒
    Help me fast what can I do now
    Please send me solution for this fast Thanking you.

    • I didn’t try Miracast myself but it should work. Can you please send some details, what did you try and where did you encounter problems?

  130. Hi mine is stuck at mxq pro screen tried all kinds of gimmicks for hard reset etc nothing worked can i update it. if yes then how.thanks

    • Hi Khalid,
      Except trying to hard reset the device I don’t know there is something else you could try. I recommend sending it to warranty, if the device is still under service warranty.

  131. I have a new box l made a error when starting to install l didn’t click the UK properly so I have a other language how can I get back to correct that. And get English. Please

          • I still don’t know how to get box back to select language l need English but my box is on l think Portuguese so I can not find the information l need to get my box back to English. Or how to get the launage option l have no problem with the set up l just made a mistake on selecting UK because it all ready had a tick on it. So I pressed next. And now have a nother launage which I don’t understand.

  132. I have MXQ PRO and have installed Kodi and VLC on it. The problem is I can access my external hard drive via the file explorer but I cant see my external when trying to access it through Kodi or VLC

    • Try connecting a wireless mouse to the device and see if it’s working. If the remote control is not working there’s not much you can do then send it to warranty, if exists.

  133. Hi I have bought a mxq pro 4k android box tried connecting through hdmi cable it says no signal tried few hdmi cables no luck tried different tv no luck then tried connecting through Av cables same no signal box has a blue light tried powering off with remote still stays blue no matter what button I press on the remote the Gray button on top right corner always flash tried resetting with toothpick still no luck is it something wrong with the remote or the box

  134. Hi Alex I have a mxq 4k box I have two problems first, can you install kodi 18,2 on the box with different apps or what, because on my box ever time i reset the box I have kodi already on it and I install apps on it, as soon as I change app or start kodi it comes up with a message it has uninstalled apps that are not compatible and my kodi home screen has gone I have tried all sorts of ways but can’t sort it out

  135. My MXQ pro box shows message on screen MXQ Pro only. The screen wi be black. Have tried hard reset but still problem persists. What can i do

    • What happened when you tried to hard reset the device? This operation should solve your problem, I suggest trying again.

  136. Hi. I brought mxq 2 days, but not working its freeze in screen, I try to use the remote but not working. I don’t know what problem with mxq or with the remote

    • Hi Harish,
      The remote control should have an infrared light at the top which should turn on when pushing any button on it, as it happens to every remote control, does this happen in your case?

  137. Hi i already hard reset my mxq pro 4k and it takes me to a erasing circle screen and then to the android logo but never to the factory reset menu … Only to the erasing screen

    • Hi Frankie,
      Maybe it’s not actually hard reset, I recommend trying again making sure you push that small button inside.

  138. Hi. I did hard reset using the toothpick on my box but it still cannot reboot. Already wipe the data. It hangs for 15 mins on the logo page. It is not loading at all.. Can help..?

    • Hi Azlan,
      I recommend sending the device to warranty, if it still exists, there isn’t anything else you could try.

  139. hello my friend, I brought an mxq tv box . when I connected hdmi to hdmi port and select tv input hdmi it show no signal. my tv model is lg. what do you suggest?

  140. Hi.. just bought the tv box but only appear MBO before it make my screen blank. I try to do the hard reset but still nothing coming out from the screen. Is it broken?

  141. Hi. my android box mxq pro, makes on tv only android..
    and i cant start on the menu.
    have 3 hours on this android… and dont start the menu eith the app

    • Hi eda,
      Please try to hard reset the device using a toothpick in the reset slot.
      Should be inside the AV slot.
      It’s a button inside which can be reached with a toothpick.
      And needs to be pressed for a few seconds.

    • What is the problem with your MXQ Pro device, specifically? Did you try doing a hard reset? If yes, did it succeed?

  142. Hi….my MX Pro box suddenly starts displaying prompt that stopped working and Google play services stopped. All fixes i found online did not work. The on screen keyboard also no longer comes up so i am unable to type anything. I did a hard reset but there has been no change. The prompts still comes up. The play store comes up as a blank screen and now i cant even reconfigure the WiFi as the keyboard is not coming up on screen. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Wilcox,
      By hard reset you mean you tried to reset it phisically using a toothpick/something sharp, right? Because this should solve the issue, maybe the hard reset was not done.

  143. I am having trouble with my mxq 4 pro android box when I start it this is all I’m getting
    All that is in the page is a load of options to reboot or update and there is a robot with a warning. Sign coming from his chest with no command wrote underneath him

  144. Hi, I reset my tv box. And all the installed app were gone. Can u help me find the apps that were installed like the free channels if it’s in the app store. I can’t remember the names from home. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Acey,
      When opening Google Play please select Settings – My apps & games – Library – here you should find the apps you had installed on this e-mail account even if apps were uninstalled.

      • Thanks Alex, but I was looking for the apps that were installed when I first opened it.. Like the free channels.. Because I didn’t installed anything yet from my google account..

        • Which channel/app are you refering to? There are 2 type of apps, system apps and installed apps, either way you should be able to find them after resetting the device.

  145. Patricia Bailey May 12, 2019 at 8:43 am
    Boyfriend was being naughty on my android box MXQ PRO4K.. SO NOW we have a virus with the fbi warning…. read up on it and its a ransomware. I have already tried to do the hard reset by pushing the reset button inside of the AV and nothing happened just as soon as it boots up about 10 seconds later the FBI warning still pops up it has never made it to the clear cache or data reset factory new screen ever please help.
    Alex May 12, 2019 at 8:54 am
    Please try to disconnect the TV BOX from the internet network and then try to hard reset it.

    I tried that already any more suggestions.

  146. Boyfriend was being naughty on my android box MXQ PRO4K.. SO NOW we have a virus with the fbi warning…. read up on it and its a ransomware. I have already tried to do the hard reset by pushing the reset button inside of the AV and nothing happened just as soon as it boots up about 10 seconds later the FBI warning still pops up it has never made it to the clear cache or data reset factory new screen ever please help.

        • It needs to work after hard reset (hard reset with the toothpick) because it will delete everything from hardware so it isn’t possible to keep being saved somewhere. Folow the instructions from the article for hard reset and it needs to work.

      • I got mxq pro, it worked fine, suddenly after two months screen starts flasing pink, green for few seconds and return to normal. Tv is sony kdl 2011 model. Chaged hdmi cable. No force rgb output option. Please help

  147. I have mxq 4-k I was reset this device after rebot only android display on screen I have so wait but still same Pls advice what I do that situation

  148. MXQ PRO 4K purchased in March developed fault. From remote box could not be switching off. When connected Chip set logo only displayed. Hard reset also not working. What is the solution please.

    • If hard reset doesn’t work there isn’t anything you can do, I suggest sending the MXQ Pro device in warranty, if still exists.

    • Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime do not support screen mirroring with stock apps therefore you need to install an external app for this. You can install Mirroring360 Sender Basic or other external app for screen mirroring.

    • Hello Aline,
      First, please publish comments only in Enlish, if needed you can use Google Translate to translate what you need.
      Second, what is the problem? Do you have a MXQ Pro 4K TV box and you have problems with it? What kind of problems, can you please detail the issue?

  149. Hello Alex I made several times the operation with the toothpick and nothing always the page or there is reboot I think it is and dead I made a mistake the other time I charged with a charger stronger that 5v I think that is it

    Comment translated

    • Hello Cyril,
      That shouldn’t be the reason why your tv box is dead but there is nothing much to do if the toothpick hard reset method does not work. Try hard resetting the tv box using the toothpick while it is being charged and see what happens. If the problem is the same, I recommend sending the device to warranty, in case it is still under warranty.

  150. My MXQ Pro 4K box keeps ons showing the recovery screen, I have done the hard reset, and it does not help. When I pres Tab after selecting (wipe data/factory reset) nothing happens.

    • I can’t think to any solution in your situation, this may be a memory problem. If you still have warranty I recommend sending it to warranty, otherwise there isn’t much you can do.

  151. Hi alex
    My TV box while selecting movies or even while watching a movie sometimes screen turns blue and then reboot. When it starts rebooting it won’t stop and does it over and over again. I did factory reset it didn’t help. If I unplug it for a day or two then it works fine again for a couple of days. Seems like power source or box is faulty?

  152. Our MXQ Pro came with Netflix already on it and when we sign into our Netflix account, Netflix loads. When we try to select a movie, we get an error message – 5,7- and a it tells us it cannot load the content.
    Tried updating both Netflix and Mbox, no help.

  153. Hi, ive tried rebooting my device but when the screen came on, its still stuck on the android logo..i tried rebooting it several times but still has the same result. Pls help.

  154. Hi I purchased the TV box second hand it already had Netflix built into it I couldn’t get my password to work so I deleted the Netflix app and now I cannot get Netflix to download can you help me please

    • Hi Matt,
      This is strange, you should be able to download it again from Android Market. You can’t find the Netflix app on Androir market or what is the issue exactly?

  155. Hi can you help me I have a mxq pro tv box and when I switch it on it goes straight to the recovery screen . I have tried to reset it but it goes back to the same screen . I have went to the factory reset and it still goes back to that screen .

    • Hi Ashley,
      I don’t think there is something to do except to try to reinstall software on it. Do you still have warranty for this device?

  156. I have troubleshooting the mxq-4 need help for it to work it working but not strong enough for the movies it plays and stop

    • Does this happen when playing movies from a certain app or for all movies? Do you have enough internet bandwidth to rule out this kind of a problem?

    • Does it get stuck at “erasing”? Or does it restart in a loop? If it gets stuck at erasing please try to wait longer, around 30 minutes.

    • Hi Emmy,
      Unfortunately, we didn’t try to resoft the TV Box MXQ Pro 4k and we don’t have this device anymore to try so, therefore we couldn’t guide you into doing this.
      But, if you want I can do some internet research and recommend you some tutorials you can try if you are willing to do some tests.

  157. MXQ pro max remote will not turn it on anymore. It just displays the time on the box. Was working fine until I moved it. Any thoughts?

      • It just stopped and when we plug it back in it gets stuck on the “Android” screen..I’ve tried the toothpick reboot and I get nothing different.
        Is it something you can help me correct?

        • Unfortunately, I don’t think there is something else to try in this situation because the hard reset (the toothpick reboot method) should have been the backup/recovery method to reset it.

    • After sticking the pin in the reset hole you can feel the button, right?
      If hard reset does not work I don’t know if there is something else you can try.

    • Hi Daniel,
      After selecting restricted profile, you should have the option Exit restricted profile, followed by the prompt of the password. If this does not happen in your case, try reseting the device by pushing the tiny button in the small hole using a pin and keep it pushed for a few seconds.

  158. Hi. When i start the MXQ pro up, I get a split screen. When I click the split screen symbol I got a msg which mentions media launcher error (or something like that). If I do a factory reset it all works perfectly. But as soon as I switch it off and on again it comes back to the split screen. I’ve done the whole process multiple times. Do you have any advice? Thanks.

          • Please try also a hard reset, to do this you need to follow these steps:

            Disconnect the device from the power supply.
            Inside the AV slot insert a match or a thin stick until you find a small button, hold that button for a few seconds and connect the power supply. You must hold the button pressed until you can see the logo on the screen followed by a restart. After the restart, you can stop pressing the button.
            You will have a menu on the screen. Using a keyboard connected through USB, select wipe data/factory reset and press Tab.
            Select delete all user data and press Tab.
            Wait for the process to finish and then select reboot and press Tab.

  159. i’ve accidentally install superSU apps & unroot the device..After that the device only stuck at the welcome logo only.. how to solve this problem..i’ve already done the hard reset but result still the same..plz help

      • Hi Alex. Sorry for the delay. I did try the hard reset. Same problem – fine at first, but on restart the split screen. One half is kind of ghosted. We were also wondering if you know of any conflict with TCL TVs?

        • Hi Kelli,
          This may be a cable problem although I’m not 100% sure, if you have this possibility I would recommend trying with another cable. It’s weird it did not work properly after the hard reset.
          Also, if possible please try the TV Box on another TV set.

      • New
        I have the same problem. I have tried everything including shorting the NANDS no progress. I cannot enter recovery mode, I can only see “erasing” on screen no recovery menu. PLEASE HELP

  160. After I pressed the match into the av port and disconnected and reconnected the box the logo came on screen but no start up page came on what did I do wrong

    • You have to connect it to the power source while keeping pressed the reset button. After the logo appears, the tv box will restart and it can be reset.