Telekom Sport becomes MagentaSport in Germany

Telekom Sport becomes MagentaSport in Germany

Telekom Sport becomes MagentaSport in Germany where we are able to watch all major leagues regarding German sports. MagentaSport offers the possibility of watching all 3rd league matches German Ice Hockey League (DEL) and Basketball League (BBL).

With Sky Sports Kontakt, a sport package offered by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with Sky, we can watch the original Sky conferences of the Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and all matches of the DKB Handball Bundesliga. Also, we can watch all games of the 3rd league, the German Ice Hockey League, the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga and much more sports content.

MagentaSport with Sky Sports Kontact comes with 3 months included an €9.95 per month for an annual subscription.

Telekom Sport becomes MagentaSport

MagentaSport comes with a modern design and an improved user interface. Sky conference, live sports and many more in HD quality available also online or on mobile.

MagentaSport offers the following advantages:

  • up to 400 matches count: all matches from 3rd league and also best matches from Allianz Women’s Bundesliga;
  • all matches of the German Ice Hockey League up to a total of 419 matches;
  • all matches of easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga and BBL Cup, in addition all FIBA events;
  • live broadcast 24/7;
  • fights and live events from boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, karate, judo competitions;

Telekom Sport becomes MagentaSport

Original Sky Conferences of the Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions Leaguecan be seen on the MagentaTV from channel 321 without needing an additional Sky receiver.

Besides the name and design change, we don’t have major changes/improvements regarding the new MagentaSport service but we hope in near future we will see improvements.

In Romania, Telekom Sport channels and package remain the same, without any changes (for now).

MagentaSport is a Deutsche Telekom product, the largest telecom operator by revenue in Europe. Deutsche Telekom owns telecommunication/IT companies as T-Systems, BT, Hrvatski Telekom, Magyar Telekom, Makedonski Telekom, OTE, Slovak Telekom, Telekom Romania, T-Mobile Austria, T-Mobile Czech Republic, T-Mobile Netherlands, T-Mobile Polska and Telekom Albania.

What is your opinion regarding the name change from Telekom Sport to MagentaSport?


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