The future of mobile technology and social communications

The future of mobile technology and social communications.
From the high rate of innovation in mobile technology, we analyze that the future of social connectivity will be shaped by an always-online culture. This culture is already in existence but will rise more in the future. It is because today we have a system of total connectivity. You have the internet with you wherever you go, and this trend is growing unstoppably. The global digitalization is not turning back, it is going forward, which leads to an increase in social communications.

Behind this global digitalization, innovation is the driving force of growth and progress. It is shaping and will continue to shape the future social connectivity and communications. It is evident that the internet connection is increasing through mobile phones. A survey conducted by Ipsos in 2013, found that 94% of Tuenti users ( 16 to 35 years of age) owned cell phones. By using their phones, over 84% of the users are connected to the internet. 47% have mobile data for connecting to the internet. On a daily basis, a total of 74% of the users are connecting to the internet using their phones. The survey also shows that only 13% of the users do not connect their phones to the internet but this number is decreasing day by day.

The future of mobile technology and social communications.
Smartphones are becoming more essential in everyday life. Many of the functions done by other items now involve using mobile phones. It is reported that around 75% of young people have replaced their MP3 players with their smartphones. 70% of the users use their smartphone as an alarm clock. 67% use it as a watch and over 70% use a phone as a camera. So, these different functions provided by a single smartphone enhance its marketing.

As the innovation in the digital world is increasing, mobile communications must be reinvented by making them more digital. The future will be shaped by innovation in the digital world. The innovation should not apply only to digital and social media but to the internet and especially in the field of social communications. There is a dire need to create more opportunities and providing new benefits to individuals. As we know that just ten years back there were no social media; just in the next ten years, new innovations will emerge. There is a lot more to do to bring new innovation in mobile technology and social communication. The future of the internet has just begun and we hope to see great innovation in the coming days.


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