The internet and consumer trend

The internet and consumer trend
The internet is developing very rapidly and is bringing a revolution in the digital market system. It became an important marketing tool to build a business online and capture consumers. Consumers now learn about the products and services provided by a company while sitting in their own homes. The Internet has also made it easy for the consumers to directly contact the company to know about their products without leaving their homes.

New technologies increase the speed of communication and information transfer. The internet offers an immense opportunity for buying products from e-commerce which becomes a major source of distributing goods and services. Today it has become easier to book airline tickets, buy food at the online grocery store, or buy a dress from any corner in the world through the internet. New technological applications create new commercial opportunities and support secure business transactions.

In this digital world, online consumer trends are increasing and the conventional rules and methods of marketing and distribution are breaking down. Consumers have great access to information and their positive reviews regarding a product attract more consumers. The customer reviews and comments shaped new scenarios for consumer behavior.

To make different opinions, consumers use the internet in different ways. When it comes to making online shopping, consumers are more likely to seek the opinions of other consumers through social media and product-rating sites. This helps them to make a choice which gives them more satisfaction.

The internet and consumer trend

The research shows that the consumers who are influenced by the online shopping system and social media are likely to spend 4 times more on purchases. The influence is so high that using social media 29% of the consumers are more likely to buy on the same day. This is because of the rise of online shopping and the time consumers spend on social media which impacts their buying decisions. Social media has given bigger and new channels for consumers to communicate with various brands. The consumers are empowered through this new technology and they influence the company’s marketing with their reviews and products rating.

In a nutshell, the internet has drastically changed the marketing system. The power has shifted from marketers to consumers, as today consumers have clear information and they are empowered to make informed decisions based on the information which the internet provides them. Consumers have unlimited access to information regarding any product or service in this technological world.


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