Troubleshooting, service and maintenance for CISS printers

Troubleshooting, service and maintenance for CISS printers

CISS printers are printers which have ink recepients that can be continuosly loaded by the user, without having to buy new cartridges, like you need with standard ink printers.

CISS printers are much better than standard ink printers for the following reasons:

  • printing costs are reduced with up to 90-95 percent thanks to the small ink price;
  • CISS printers quality is the same as for standard printers and it isn’t reduced after every recharge;
  • CISS printers are very easy to use and they do not require dedicated assistance for re-charging;

Even these printers need periodically maintenance which can ensure the printer running without problems. We will first discuss about Epson CISS printers and later we will follow-up with other printers models.

Procedure to reset ink for Epson printers

After you recharged the printer with ink, the printer needs to be reset to display the correct level of ink left:

  1. Turn off the printer. Make sure none of the LEDs are on.
  2. After making sure the printer is off, hold the red button and press the Power button only once. Keep pressing the red button for about minimum 15 seconds.reset-button-epson
  3. Release the red button and press it again for about 15 seconds.
  4. Release the red button and press it again but this time only once, without keeping it pressed.

These are the steps to reset the printer’s ink level. It is recommended to follow this procedure after every ink recharge.

Procedure to clean the print head for Epson printers

When Epson printers are printing interrupted or faided usually you must clean the print head. Important! do not clean the print head if the printer works properly.

  1. On Desktop you can find the Epson icon, right click it and select Printing Preferences.
  2. On the Preferences window select the upper Maintenance tab.
  3. Select Nozzle Check – Print – Clean.

Procedure to reset the printer buffer life-span. Error “the ink buffers usage time is over”.

At a certain point, depending on the printing number, CISS Epson printers reach the end of their life-span. In other words, their system is configured to work only for a specific number of printings. What you can do is to reset the printing counter.

This counter can be reset only using WIC Reset, a free software. But, for each reset you need to buy a code for which you need to pay but it is not expensive.

Procedure to mount paper trail.

The trails which support the paper for Epson printers is pretty sensible and they can be easily dettached. To reattach the trail you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. First you need to mount the lower trail part;
  2. Bring the trail on a vertical position;
  3. Bend the trail from the middle and you must first mount the right part;
  4. Mount the left part;

We will update this article with tutorials/information regarding other CISS printer models.

For any problem with your printer, don’t hesitate leaving a commend and we will try to help you as soon as possible.


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