Unlock bootloader on Xiaomi A1 and A2 without losing data


Unlock bootloader on Xiaomi A1 and A2 without losing data

The bootloader needs to be unlocked when we need to reinstall the stock software or to install a custom software, when we need to install TWRP, etc. To prevent any unauthorized access to user data, manufacturers erase all data when we try to unlock/lock bootloader. But this feature can be avoided really easy.

When the bootloader unlock command is executed, on our screen prompts a message which informs us all data will be lost. We must select to continue the bootloader unlocking process and we immediately press the Volume Down key. This way, after it restarts, the phone enters again Fastboot and doesn’t reach the data deletion process.

Unlock bootloader on Xiaomi A1 and A2 without losing data

The bootloader unlocking procedure is pretty easy on Xiaomi A1 and Xiaomi A2 smartpones but we must follow a few steps. For starters, we must enable the developer mode from our phones menu. Below you can see the step by step procedure to unlock/lock bootloader:

  1. Enable developer options mode, to do this we must reach Settings – About phone – Build number;
  2. Select the OEM Unlocking from Settings – Developer Options – OEM Unlocking;
  3. Download and install from here the ADB drivers following Y – Enter – Y – Enter – y – Enter – Next – Install – Finish;
  4. Download and unarchive the Tools Platform from here;
  5. Open Command Prompt and access the unarchived folder in Platform Tools;
  6. Turn off the phone;
  7. Press and hold the Volume Down button and connect the phone to the PC using the data cable; On your screen you should see Fastboot;
  8. After we connected the smartphone to the PC, Windows should install automatically the drivers; Wait for a few moments and return to CMD;
  9. Enter fastboot devices (the result should be the same as: 2cd5efd fastboot); If no device exists, then the drivers were not installed correctly;
  10. If after we issue the fastboot devices command we can see our device, we enter fastboot oem unlock and we will see a warning that all data will be erased during this operation;
  11. We select Yes by navigating with the volume buttons and we select Power key to confirm;
  12. After we selected Yes, we hold down again the Volume Down button; If we don’t keep pressed the Volume Down key during the restart, the phone will erase all data;In this case, the phone will reach again the Fastboot mode and the data will remain intact but with the unlocked bootloader;
  13. Enter fastboot restart and the phone will restart;

Unlock bootloader on Xiaomi A1 and A2 without losing data

The booloader needs to be unlocked if we want to install a stock or customer software and also to install TWRP. For any info or problem please leave a comment below.

Warning! These operations are done on your own risk and we are not responsible for any problem which may occur during this process.


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