Windows Update error 0x80244022

Windows Update error 0x80244022

Windows Update error 0x80244022 – How to fix this error and update the operating system? Windows Update service is a very important component of Microsoft’s operating system. Its purpose is to maintaing an updated version of the operating system and to also update its security components like Windows Defender or other.

There are several types of updates. Some are security related, some are critical and other are less important. For example, every second Tuesday of the month Microsoft launches an update patch called Patch Tuesday. However, if there are important updates, Microsoft does not wait to schedule those and sends them directly to users.

Windows Update service not only provides updates for the OS but it should also diagnostic the errors which can occur. Unfortunately, it cannot solve all the errors. In this article we will discuss about the Windows Update error 0x80244022 and we will describe some methods to solve it.

Before starting anything it’s important to know that for the following steps we need Admin priviledges on the operating system.

First (and easiest) solution is to use the Windows troubleshoot feature. Even if this option does not always do what it’s supposed to do it’s worth a try because there is a chance it fixes our issue very easy. This option is available for many apps and options in Windows so we need to find the dedicated troubleshooter for Windows Update. In order to do this we need to select Start – Settings – Update & Security – Troubleshoot (on the left side) – Windows Update. Select Run the troubleshooter and a new window will open.

On the next window we need to select Next and wait for it to identify potential issues.


If this first option will not fix our problem, we will try the second one.

Second solution would be to delete the content or the entire folder SoftwareDistribution. To solve the error 0x80244022 we need to delete the folder SoftwareDistribution. To do this, we need to stop the service wuauserv from CMDOpen Start – search for cmd – right click on cmd – Run as administrator – after the command prompt window opened run command net stop wuauserv followed by Enter and the service should stop.


Now you need to delete the SoftwareDistribution folder which can be found on this path: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. After you deleted the folder, you need to return to cmd and apply net start wuauserv command. After the service started, restart the PC. Try again the update and if issue is the same, read below the following solution.

Third solution would be to check and repair the system files. We will not need any 3rd party software to do this, we only need to run some commands in cmd as Admin.

First command would be DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and it will take a few minutes to run. The second command would be sfc / scannow and this one will take longer. If the issue is not solved after checking the files, we will need to proceed to the next solution.sfc-scannow

sfc-scannowThe fourth solution would be to disable Bitlocker. If we have Bitlocked enabled on the partition which contains the operating system, then we need to disable it in order to proceed with the update. This option worked for me when the previous failed. After the OS update is completed, we can re-enable Bitlocker.

The fifth solution would be to remove the operating system from the domain (if it belongs to the domain) and to logon the local admin user. This option also worked for us in some cases. Even if these last options are not targeted to normal users, it can help system administrators.

Other 2 cases which can cause a Windows Update error are:

  • Windows server not working and in this case we need to wait for the issue to be fixed by Microsoft;
  • Windows updates blocked by company sysadmins (for enterprise environments, if it’s the case);


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