Xiaomi MI A2 update to Android 9 (Pie)

Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the smartphones part of Android One program. Android One is an operating system based on a clean Android, powered by Google for all the smartphones part of this program.
As for the rest of the devices included in this program, Xiaomi engaged to provide updates for 2 years for all the phones which run Android One. Until now, Xiaomi managed pretty well (with Xiaomi A1) and provided updates on time for the operating system. Additionally, these smartphones receive often security updates.

Xiaomi Mi A2 update to Android 9 – Launch date Android Pie

  • Android Pie was already published by Google but just a bunch of models received update;
  • The only Xiaomi Mi A2 users who received update to Android 9 are the users which applied for the mi.com Beta phase;
  • For now, there is no official launch date for Android 9;
  • The upgrade to Android 9 for Xiaomi Mi A2 will be available sometime in November or December;

Xiaomi Mi A2 update to Android 9 – Launch date Android Pie

Below you can find the details for all the updates Xiaomi provided for the model Xiaomi Mi A2:

Publishing date Software version Download link Changes
15th November
Android 9 (official in India) OTA n/a
20th October
ROM 9.6.15 (stable)Android 8.1 OTA Security package (October); Bug solving and performance improvements;
15th  October 2018 ROM 9.6.14 (stable)Android 8.1 OTA Bug solving and security improvements;
20th  September 2018 ROM 8.9.20 (stable)Android 8.1 OTA Bug solving and performance improvements;
21 Sep 2018 ROM 9.6.13 (stable)Android 8.1 OTA | Fastboot September 2018 security patches;
02 Aug 2018 ROM 9.6.10 (stable)Android 8.1 OTA | Fastboot August 2018 security patches;
31 July 2018 ROM 9.6.9 (stable)Android 8.1 OTA | Fastboot N / A
27 July 2018 ROM 9.6.5 (stable)Android 8.1  OTA N / A


Thanks to Android One program, Xiaomi Mi A1 and Xiaomi Mi A2 should be among the first devices to receive update to Android 9, right after Pixel phones;

As for the update to Android 9, it is expected for Xiaomi to publish an update until the end of this year, as they did with the update to Android 8.1 for Xiaomi Mi A1, at the end of last year.
Xiaomi A2 is a smartphone with top specifications for a very good value. The only minus of this phone is the battery, which can be a pain but we must consider this device is thin and a big battery would ruin the design.

We will update this article as soon as we will have updates available for this smartphone. Please leave a comment in case you want more info or if you have problems.

Update 14.11.2018: Xiaomi launched the official Android 9 version and the OTA update was available only for a few hours. Users reported problems and the update was stopped by Xiaomi. Xiaomi A2 users can expect in the following days an update to Android 9.

Update 15.11.2018: Android 9 is here. You can install android 9 ota from india (where was launched for the first time). You can install Android 9 with a India VPN. If you need help to update, post a comment.


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  1. They had same problem with update at android 8.1 on Xiaomi A1. Why is so hard to update a clear Android. They have already android 9 on phones with MIUI.

    • Maybe they invested more time and money in MIUI than in the Google One program. After all, MIUI is their own system, it’s normal to invest more resources in it.