Yellow, brown or black stains on our smartphone

Yellow, brown or black stains on our smartphone

One of my last smartphones, LG G3, had a problem with the display, a small yellow stain was visible on the top side of the display, but it wasn’t permanent. Usually it appeared while the phone started heating up while charging. So, after a few Google searches I noticed this is a very common problem, having yellow, brown on black stains on the screen of their smartphones.

So, first of all, not only LG G3 has this problem. The yellow, black or brown stains can appear on any smartphone model.

Why do I have a yellow stain on my smartphone display?
The cause of this problem seems to be simple to understand, after contacting several phone service shops, under the display it seems to be a copper component which causes this problem, when the displays heats up. Because of the high voltage this copper bar heats up causing a delightful yellow stain on your smartphone.

Although the problem usually occurs when the phone is charged with a non-original charger, this isn’t mandatory. It seems that the problem exists even when the phone is properly charged with an original charger.
From my investigation, there isn’t a solution for the yellow band/stain problem (except changing the display, of course) but we can try managing the problem with a display filter software and try to tune up the display properties.

Yellow, brown or black stains on our smartphone
If you are starting to see on your screen the yellow band or stain, I suggest you immediately try charging your phone with another charges, as the problem may extend and the stain will most probably get bigger.

Other luckier people changed the display and charger several times but the problem kept reappearing.

Yellow, brown or black stains on our smartphone

Sometimes, the stains are not yellow but orange or brown, but the cause seems to be the same, the copper bar under the display which heats up excessively.

In addition to the yellow band on our display, we can sometimes experience a black stain or black dots on our screen. Usually, these are dead pixels when the phone suffered a shock/impact (these problems occur when the phone is hit or suffers high presure). Unfortunately, there is no solution for this issue and we have to replace the screen.

Yellow, brown or black stains on our smartphone
So, if we have yellow, black, orange or brown stains, why shouldn’t we have violet stains? The problem is the same as with the black stains, the phone being hit which cause the dead pixels.

In conclusion, no matter if the lines/stains are yellow, brown, orange, black or even violet or pink, the only solution remains to change the display and always try using an original charger.


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